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Your potential can be limitless. Our people feel he's been very active since then. So he followed the Prince into the great domed hall, and Dorothy and Zeb came after them, while the throng of people trooped in also. How many people knew anything about their boss before they were hired? He'd done it for the people he cared about as much as out of his sense of honor. The healers. How many times had people commented on his wealth? "I've got a list of people I probably should," he said with gentle humor. Their lives were now entwined with the two people they left alone in that building. Her father hadn't taken the time to bury these people. They moved through the people with ease and walked up the low hill. There are the people who hope the future will be better. Accustomed to being shunned by people, she'd almost felt normal around the stranger who seemed unaffected by her magic. I read that when people wake up from a coma, it's always gradual. Example sentences with the word someone. "But I assure you, my good people, that I do not wish to rule the Emerald City," he added, earnestly. The only young people remaining in the drawing room, not counting the young lady visitor and the countess' eldest daughter (who was four years older than her sister and behaved already like a grown-up person), were Nicholas and Sonya, the niece. I may be connected to other people, but still it is all about me. Ronnie doesn't know any of those people and he keeps saying I should step up to the plate, like it's the least I could do 'cause he already tolerates me like a bad case of hemorrhoids. she asked, crossing her arms. Who was Deidre to interfere in something that spanned so long and involved two people who cared so much for each other? There are emerging procedures that will help people who need it, but the cost is beyond what any hospital will spend, knowing no one can pay for it. I walked down the entire block but there weren't any people. But dont worry, our grammatically correct sentence checker is here to help! Today, success still requires good execution, but the larger question is: "Can you discover and fulfill a hitherto-unknown, latent desire in people that the Internet enables?". When people go out of their way to make you feel bad about yourself, the question becomes whether its you or them. If the people of Boston must fight for their liberty, we will help them. Someone will bring you the package later today. Here the conversation seemed interesting and he stood waiting for an opportunity to express his own views, as young people are fond of doing. I was always hungry for love. Mom used to say that children and dogs weren't fooled by people. Don't you know people talk about a woman who spends weeks out here with men - and men start to get ideas. 5. In a nutshell, sentences act as cohesive bundles of words that make sense together, and that can be threaded together to tell an informational or entertaining story. My dreams, the few times I remember them, are always about things that happened recently; people I just interacted with. My ex-boyfriend loved sci-fi and made me watch every episode of his favorite show. I think people did things to me in the night but when I finally woke, the room was awash in sunshine. The fact of the matter is that for most people grammar is much more complicated and difficult than they remember, and it can have a huge effect on the quality of their writing and how well it is received by the reader. It's not easy being the good guy, and it's a job not many people can do. "Someone". Cookies are used on this website to improve your user experience, How to Check Grammar, Spelling and Plagiarism in Google Docs, The Best Tips on How to Avoid Plagiarism in PhD Thesis Singapore, Best Article Rephrasers That You Can Use in 2019, Everything You Need to Know on How to Beat Turnitin with an Effective Plagiarism Checker. Of course, she knew Alex well enough now to know he didn't like people to hand out information about him. What old people say you cannot do, you try and find that you can. Instead, she started a third bowl of the soup and watched the pub fill with people. Oh, I can understand why you would want to deceive people, I just don't understand how you can involve your family in such a thing especially Tammy! "That was the public health people," Cynthia answered. Redundancy is often use to help pad out writing and make it seem longer than it really is, but instead of helping it just makes the writing difficult to read. Lit. She joined crowds of people milling through downtown Crystal City to see the Christmas displays and shop. Good writing is concise and informative. He did so, and then pointed out the location of where he'd seen people, cars, the two horses and the wagon. That is what people think of when I tell them about the chain of events. The highest Petersburg society was assembled there: people differing widely in age and character but alike in the social circle to which they belonged. "Do all your people grow on bushes?" You were mumbling in your sleep about killing people. Some people said that they were what Henry Longfellow wrote on his slate that day at school. There weren't any buildings or people so I 'came back'. It is a secret the bears do not know, and we people of Voe usually walk upon the water when we travel, and so escape our enemies. How to Write Attention-Grabbing Persuasive Sentence Starters? This hall holds 2,000 people. Her father had just admitted there were more people like her, and she couldn't help her flicker of hope at the news. With his looks, he'd have no trouble finding company for the nights he wasn't murdering people and stealing their souls. Immediately the Prince and all of his people flocked out of the hall into the street, that they might see what was about to happen. "People" Few people think so. McGraw-Hill Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs. Sure, the million dollar offer was withdrawn but I'll bet there are thousands of people out there who would still pay a fortune to own Howie. he asked, shrugging. Yet the lithe woman with the transparent skin and glow was exactly what people saw when they went: a bright, beautiful, peaceful light. "Wow. [M] [T] Please ask someone else. I do not remember when I first realized that I was different from other people; but I knew it before my teacher came to me. "A lot of people run from her," Darian added. We have seen no people since we arrived, so we came to this house to enquire our way. The creatures had sense enough to reason that way, and the only mistake they made was in supposing the earth people were unable to overcome such ordinary difficulties. And spoil all the fun for these nice people? She didn't understand why he'd chosen her of all people. The smallest state has lots of small people; delightful children everywhere, but alas, now there is one less. Brandon was fortunate to have been raised by two people who cared as much about each other as they cared for him. Just think; they might have been real people you were seeing. She rose and trailed him from the house to the car, unable to guess what could agitate him if killing people didn't. Two people were all he knew with certainty: Sofia and the Watcher with his forest green eyes. We'd be accusing people of serious crimes! People are starting to wonder if you don't like them. The sentence must contain a subject and a verb, otherwise, it will be considered a sentence fragment, not a complete sentence. Most people think I'm crazy. We'd go back to god knows what; a life normal people live. I need confirmation before the Council meets, and I need to know if you can alter whatever it is Sasha's people did, Kris said. 2. 1. Fig. People change, and right now he's probably feeling pretty vulnerable. There were even other people on the street and all he did was stop. MAKE = force or require someone to take an action. There are many rules to consider while revising your text for proper sentence structure. Of course, you can try to check the word choice using different types of dictionary but still, it wont help you to correct sentence structure, passive voice oversuse, wrong punctuation, and many other errors. "I imagine it helps being around people," I answered. It takes not just time and effort but a level of knowledge that people often dont have. If the Gargoyles can unhook the wings then the power to fly lies in the wings themselves, and not in the wooden bodies of the people who wear them. [M] [T] Someone is at the door. Just copy the text or sentence or paragraph that you want to rewrite.2. Thousands of people were there. You're not a water sprite, and you're not afraid to be alone on a beach with a man you think murders people. Sentences serve as a framework for people to clearly express their ideas in writing. [M] [T] I heard someone whistle. All the people whom they saw spoke in praise of his wisdom. Then he called his wisest men together and asked them, "Is it really true that the first people in the world were Egyptians?". People have urges and sometimes things just happen. She was surprised to see three people within, none of whom looked like they fit in the refined, elegant spaces of the parlor. It will go over your paper quickly and run it through all the different rules and principles of grammar to make sure that you get it right! Won't most of the people know about your accident and loss of memory? Love virtue, and the people will be virtuous. She sat heavily, unable to fathom hundreds of people dying around her without her noticing. The subject and verb in the sentence must be either both plural or both singular. If it had been anyone else, I would have accepted that, but she liked to control people. I was flat on my back on a stretcher and there were a number of people in the room, most with flashlights, all seemingly talking at the same time. You know how stubborn you are about not doing business with dishonest people. Fused sentences occur when 2 (or more) full sentences are put together without any punctuation between them. Alex could remember every one, even if he only met them once, but she had trouble remembering the names and faces of people she saw monthly. They began to wonder if there were no people to inhabit this magnificent city of the inner world. You can't go around reading other people's mail! This tool is great for seeing how words are used in a natural context. How to use make in a sentence. "I wonder if these people never sleep," said the girl. Check my sentence in your writings are always easy and quick through using this grammar tool with us. Okay," she murmured, alarmed every time she learned more about why people feared Darkyn. People milled through the farmer's market. There must be a lot of people answering a national tip line. I just found out my father's running around killing people, and you expect me to trust a stranger when I don't even know if I can trust him anymore? There are several characteristics that must be met in order for a written thought to be considered a complete sentence. Also, free grammatically correct sentence checker will allow you to detect these grammar errors at no time and find out how to fix them at once. While Dean felt foolish, he couldn't help feeling a tickle of pleasure as hundreds of people clapped and cheered as they passed. People at the memorial service had contradictory stories and when Howie pressed them, no one seemed to have any real facts. She stopped at a light and glanced at a shop to her right where some people were standing around talking. He was one of the only people who didn't shy away from her or treat her like she was a leper. For example, He is an expert in his sphere, professional with many years of experience, and hard-working would be wrong, as hard-working is an adjective and wont be consistent with the rest of the list. "How many people was past-Deidre sleeping with?" Some people just put more effort into distinguishing right from wrong than others. How are the other people who answer the tip lines taking it? He always knew what to say to make people feel better only now he couldn't talk, and even if he could, he might not be capable of the flowery words. she asked, a streak of raw fear going through her. Shouldn't you be saving those people so I don't blow them up? It's nice to know Brandon lives with people he can trust, don't you think, Fred? Writing Simple Sentences Define a simple sentence. Correct the grammar as needed so the sentences make sense. Yes, I thought, there were scores of people who wanted to murder Howie. Life is ten percent what you make it and ninety percent how you take it. That it would mean people would no longer know their neighbors? There were people in the lobby, ahead of me but I blurted out my question like a third grader with a bladder problem. Example Sentences for " people " The detective questioned literally thousands of people about the incident. Sentence sprawl. Longer and harsher prison sentences can mean that prisoners personalities will be changed in ways that make their reintegration difficult, finds Christian Jarrett. She's volunteered to help me round up the people and knows, like, everyone in town. 4. Just then they heard the big voice of Jim the cab-horse calling to them, and going to the doorway leading to the dome they found the Princess and a throng of her people had entered the House of the Sorcerer. All the people I have ever met before were very plain to see. I staggered back to my room, away from the contented people playing around the pool, not wanting them to see me in tears. There were many people in his dream, and he thought he should remember them. A tow truck had already arrived and its flashing lights competed with a half dozen others while at least a dozen people moved about, with most of their activity directed downward. Of course, he chose two of the most selfish people she knew. It takes a lot to prepare yourself to die, Gabriel, which you of all people should appreciate. Only a fairy country could have veg'table people; and only in a fairy country could Eureka and Jim talk as we do. Copyright 2020 LoveToKnow. As they approached the building, a large group of people came out whooping and yelling. Two complete sentences cannot be joined without proper punctuation. Not many people thought differently of the first Ancient Immortal, who had led the Council with six of his sons for many years before being killed. Money often unmakes the men who make it. I was too scared to look out at the people. People are often victims of their own natures. When I learned that there was a gift for each child, I was delighted, and the kind people who had prepared the tree permitted me to hand the presents to the children. In this sentence, the subject is Steve, the verb is kicked and the object is the ball. Instead, she wondered if those people she lived with would punish her if they knew what she was doing. said Anna Mikhaylovna, pointing to Nicholas as he went out. No emotion crossed his features as his gaze settled on the two people on the bed. Sometimes he even did it when there was a room full of people between them. But when I do, whatever I am, I can't get far without terrifying the people around me. Maybe so, but there have been many people attacked by bears - mostly black bears. [for a judge] to read out the sentence of punishment for a convicted criminal. Who are all these people, and why are they after me? You said marriage was for people who wanted to spend a lifetime together, not a few nights. "Here I thought I'd lost two people I cared about only to recover three," he said, hoarse. Allow Brennan to operate with total independence and no pressure from you people. The sentence must contain a subject and a verb, otherwise, it will be considered a sentence fragment, not a complete sentence. I've not slept through the night since this monster began killing people! But then, maybe Alondra was one of those people who simply took a long time to warm to strangers. Most people haven't even tried because we cannot reasonably imagine a way by which we can be rid of them. He was one of the only people she didn't shut out of her life when she was diagnosed as terminal. He'd known love and trust only in the earliest stage of his life, when he had a family before he entered the dark age of his people. He knows a lot of people. After that other people brought water from a brook and sprinkled the earth. The people for miles around were roused as though a fire were raging. Never make fun of people who speak broken English. Only two other people knew about that place Josh and Alex. He strolled among the self-conscious pets and people, smiling and looking until he was sure she wasn't there. I can get into enough trouble without people squeezing imaginary insults out of my words. "Most people react like that," Han stated. The people didn't seem to be aware of me. There is an army of people who would kill for what you possess. Douglas Adams on Being Right and Happy. Such a mistake is called a run-on sentence. Misplaced and hanging modifiers. Learn more. ". " The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. How to Use "Someone" with Example Sentences. " It's just that well, it isn't right for two people who aren't People should get married because they want to spend the rest of their lives together, not because they've already shared a few nights. "You people have such a warped sense of everything," she said. But not everyone can do what we do, because we're, well, different than normal people. It is wrong to make fun of a cripple. "How plainly all these young people wear their hearts on their sleeves!" He had to protect her from Sasha and the Dark One; he had to protect her from Kris and his people. I was talking about other people's children. That's all Ronnie want's to discuss with people, like his wife's son is some kind of freak. She'd risked her life to rescue him because it was what good people did. Do you think the woman and the girl were people from your past; relatives? It was something normal people did during this time of year, something she'd done every year for twenty-three years. These children are learning it just as the first people who lived on the earth learned it in the beginning. It is to make aware of a number of mutually reinforcing features in the human rights practice, that give rise to number of distinct questions. He'd watched Sean subtly steer people away from it. Our young people need education and more organized activities. [M] [T] Someone will do that job. Grammatically correct sentence checker online and punctuation corrector are the best option available on the web at the moment, and you can rely on these tools anytime you write a text! When she talked to people, she liked to do it face to face. Read and Listen To Sentences Using the Word"Someone". Several people stopped to stare or skirt them as Rhyn padded through, and one startled gasp drew his attention briefly to a stairwell. 3. But www.randomwordgenerator.org does more than just generate random words - it lets you choose the number of words generated, the number of letters per word, the first and last letters, the type of word (nouns, verbs, adjectives etc.) "They do so much to help people," Linda said, looking down as her phone dinged. Not too many people wish for a male horse unless they want to use it as a stud. It is my job as judge to pass sentence on you. She recalled people, places, and some routines, like those that human-Deidre did at least once a day: getting dressed, the bathroom, showering. Nope. I appreciate what I've put you people through but after this afternoon things are going to be different. People don't know what they want, Evelyn, or life wouldn't suck. Thankfully, most times people react rather than ask questions. It would make some people feel much safer. "Do you really kill five people a day to feed?" Don't make fun of people. Can you make it mild? \"Copy AndPaste yoursentence/paragraph\"into the given box in the tool.3. "Sofia, Han tells me you've gotten quite good at reading people," he said. I haven't had a choice yet with you people. It is very easy to use this free online sentence rewriting tool. With the help of Garret, Christopher made a lot of headway on the project. He should be in the know about what's going on with Ouray's young people. Everyone has feelings, Claudette, though some people are extremely successful at hiding them. I'm still not sure why they did - maybe because they had recently lost a lot of their own people. The 1920s to 1950s renderings of what people thought the future would look like are full of things like personal jetpacks and flying cars. The neighbors couldn't see into any of their windows, and they were far enough off the main road that the only traffic would be people coming to see them. I'm talking about the safety of these people. And because human nature changes either not at all or very slowly, people make the same choices over and over again. These were very numerous, for the place was thickly inhabited, and a large group of the queer people clustered near, gazing sharply upon the strangers who had emerged from the long spiral stairway. I'm just tired of the labels we slap on people who think independent of the 'in' crowd.

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