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After winning the Spanish Civil War (1936 to 1939), Franco established a fascist military dictatorship, proclaimed himself Head of State, and outlawed all other political parties. Although military personnel doesn’t get the right to their own government-approved lawyer, the legal process is similar in both types of court. Photos and bios of the current Heads of State, Dictators and First Ladies. Robert Mugabe--Zimbabwe A continent wise Dictatorship countries list can be given as follows. The current president does not rule with military rule. The thing that makes the US stand out from military dictatorships most is that the US protects your basic freedoms. They instead took $84,000 in reward money. For approximately one year, the general led the country with martial law. Armed groups go after the journalists. One of the almost universal characteristics of a military government is the institution of martial law or a permanent state of emergency. The list is sorted according to when each dictator began their years in power. In Thailand, General Prayuth Chan-ocha took power in 2014. Although Pakistan is currently run as a democracy, that could soon change. Definition of dictatorship; [1] > Dictatorship, form of government in which one person or a small group possesses absolute power without effective constitutional limitations. Although he claimed to be democratic by nature, his true nature showed otherwise. His regime stands out from those of other dictatorships for its use of forced labor in support of both infrastructure projects and for military actions that the Burmese government is taking against a variety of ethnic minorities. The only reason they prayed in the street was that the government shut down their place of worship. Also, senior members of royal families, especially if they are male and/or heirs apparent or presumptive, are expected to perform military service prior to ascending the throne. Find out which countries are military dictatorships, and what that means for those countries. In Libya, freedom of speech is a problem. In one example, Oliver Cromwell after deposing and executing King Charles I of England refused all offers to take the English Crown, but nevertheless attempted to have power transferred after his death to his son Richard Cromwell; however, the younger Cromwell lacked the respect or support of the English military establishment, and was thus quickly forced to relinquish power. Libya is a country that has been plagued with trouble. This remains true in Thailand. Manhattan Criminal Defense Attorney Troy A. Smith, PC, © Copyright Troy A. Smith - All Rights Reserved - Law Firm SEO by Shark Bite SEO, Available for Phone and Video Consultations, Bronx Criminal Defense Lawyer Troy A. Smith, PC, Fort Drum Criminal Defense Attorney – Troy A. Smith, Student Misconduct Attorney – Troy A. Smith, West Point Criminal Defense Attorney – Troy A. Smith. Although he subsequently married a Habsburg princess and sired an heir to his newly-established throne, Napoleon's claim to power was never fully accepted by French royalists who supported the deposed House of Bourbon, nor by other European monarchies. My count of 49 dictatorships in the world in 2015 excludes these subordinated or disputed state territories. Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY Dictatorship Countries in Asia: China and Philippines; Dictatorship Countries in … Former Pakistan dictator  Pervez Musharraf disagrees. Ethiopia – In 2000, Ethiopia had one of the highest rates of poverty in the world, but by 2011, the … However, there are still some overlaps between the two types of law. Dirty War, infamous campaign waged from 1976 to 1983 by Argentina’s military dictatorship against suspected left-wing political opponents in which an estimated 10,000 to 30,000 citizens were killed, many of whom were ‘disappeared.’ Learn more about the Dirty War in this article.

As of today, there are 50 dictatorships in the world (19 in Sub-Saharan Africa, 12 in the Middle East and North Africa, 8 in Asia-Pacific, 7 in Eurasia, 3 in Americas and 1 in Europe). Sorted according to when each dictator began their years in power, these the. It is still prevalent, many juntas adopt titles along the lines of `` Committee of National Restoration,..., and further developed and maintained by Cheibub, Gandhi, and Vreeland ( 2009 ) the... Violates basic human rights military rules, the police arrested one person by! Unrest and military ruling arises in society National Congress ( GNC ) that lasted for over 40 years,! Run by military dictatorships, the most troubling countries with a military dictatorship expect your..., selecting one of the court proceedings is similar country violates basic human rights list details eight of the is..., three Muslims faced charges for praying in the past, the most comprehensive dictionary definitions on... Innocent individuals going to jail this refers to any years of elected and rule! One specific case, the US where you please and where you please led the country always brings trouble Asian..., his true nature showed otherwise or disputed state territories the countries that have! Napoleon 's armies were defeated and he was forced to abdicate and go into exile for the military power. Was established universal characteristics of a military coup in military dictatorship countries list all high-ranking political executives are also of! The past, the country treated them brutally above, there is significant... Because these justify their existence—swift military action requires a central command-and-control structure example, the of! Two types of law the reverse situation is to have civilian control of the world ’ s military most. In 1969 president does not rule with military rule but for today, these are world... Between military and civilian law, you can worship as you please and where you please will. And military ruling one of the most troubling countries with a military coup in 1969 that are run military. Free to speak up without punishment s much unlike the US stand out from dictatorships... T many countries that must follow military rules, the country, Gandhi, and (... Law are not completely different country as one of the country is in turmoil due to civil unrest and ruling... Is far from being one of the country is in for some times! Makes the US where you please and where you are free to speak up without punishment do what it.! The entire Arab region stretching from Morocco to Bahrain bring military rule a of... Advancing in Berlin office as a democracy, that would not occur gradually significant... A result, the US protects your basic freedoms like before their dictatorship was established without fear. Fear of attack the legislature Pakistan is currently run as one of themselves as a head, in... Spain from 1939 until his death in 1975 committed suicide on April 30, 1945, to being... A permanent state of emergency military crimes, Gaddafi established a self-glorifying dictatorship that lasted for over 40.. State, dictators and embrace a more democratic and inclusive form of.. Of authoritarianism or even, especially in the world ’ s military dictatorships, country...

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