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Made great left over lunch the next day when warmed in the microwave. ;). … Sometimes thawed ones get very doughy and sticky thanks! Recipes. This looks so good. I can tell this will become a staple – I used red cabbage, sugarloaf chicory (both shredded with a mandolin) and sweet potato (peeled into ribbons) because that’s what I had and it was delicious – we had sweet chilli sauce and siracha mayonnaise on the side. Like yours! These would make a nice breakfast. These look UHMAZAING! Big Smitten Kitchen fan and had a great time making these, but they seemed to be lacking in salt? These give real Okonomiyaki its texture which is distinct. Nowadays, you seem to be focusing almost exclusively on dishes that require lots more work and ingredients that may be easy to find in Brooklyn but not necessarily in other areas. my last fritter excitement failed miserably.. so i avoided making them for almost a year! Quite quick to make too. I had these street-side in Tokyo last year, they’re packed with cabbage and have a zig-zag of Japanese mayonnaise on top. Recipes. 4 medium carrots, peeled into ribbons with a vegetable peeler Is this an issue in your house? ha!) And don’t add the water and then walk away. How are these so good? When asked what food I’d take on a deserted island, I say stuffed dough pockets of any region (all regions really!). The folding got a little tedious – so I saved the filling and rest of the wrappers and will make for an easy weeknight dinner tonight. smitten kitchen • 51 Pins. Flip the pancakes and cook them again until brown underneath. The flavor is almost as complex as the dumplings I still miss, but distinctly fresher; I think tiny green pockets of spring, seared in a pan and dipped in a potent scallion marinade, with or without a crisp cold drink, could be exactly what your mid-week needs. I like to include a few minced radishes; they add crunch (even when cooked) and a little heat. Recipes. Still yummy! They’re definitely going into the rotation. Required fields are marked *. I will be assembling these this weekend and using spring’s most bountiful offerings. New Events: The second book tour may be behind us, but I’m still occasionally (heh) leaving my apartment to speak/sign/demo/etc. There is so much goodness in these!! Good to be catching up with SK this week. I have always intended to make it at home, but never got around to it…..so thanks or the reminder! Do you think this recipe would be adaptable to the addition of ramen-style noodle, or would there not be enough batter to accomodate the heft of such a noodle? You mention that dumpling dipping sauce might be a good alternative, and I wanted to recommend you try pa-jeon, Korean savoury pancakes which are traditionally eaten with this method. We made your zucchini ones and they were great! Arugula9 16. My husband and I love okonomiyaki. I actually got to making the pancakes a few days later, because life is like that, but please don’t wait so long because these are crazy delicious, filling and wholesome, as good as a side dish as they are as a main, topped with a fried egg. Thanks for a new favorite! Thanks! They’re light, I might serve them with an Asian soup for a full dinner. REALLY….those look better than some of the ones you buy from the asian groceries. I made a half-recipe for my husband and me for dinner tonight, adding to the mix 1/2 lb. No sizzling, and when the water starts to bubble, which is almost right away, then I add the potstickers and cover for a minute or so. Will make again and again. Result is glorious flavour as well as a deep rich red — this life rushing towards you! It seems like all the sauce ingredients are super shelf-stable, so if I make it all up and put it in a jar in the fridge, do you think it would just keep semi-indefinitely (i.e. Do you think the wet and dry ingredients would stay fresh in the fridge or should I try to store them seperately and mix together as needed? Love that scallion dipping sauce. But they still turned out insanely delicious. I made this last night. XOXO, How great it was to wake up to a recipe from Xiao Bao Biscuit via Smitten Kitchen zinging right back to me in Charleston! My dear one-year-old took one look at it and tossed his piece off the high chair onto the floor. I like this recipe in particular for several reasons: 1) the flexibility in the recipe, 2) the clarity in the recipe of this fact as well as the assembly and cooking of the potstickers (this helps a lot) and the main reason I am writing…3) the little plate on which you assemble the potstickers is lovely. I was actually reading through the comments on this old post JUST to see if someone would mention those TJs birds nests and confirm that this is similar! Traditionally baozi are stuffed with barbecue pork, but there are thousands of stuffings and they are so festive looking, you just have to try them. Are there any meat potsticker recipes you use? “…a flying spaghetti monster that ran afoul of a hot skillet…”!? This version sounds great, but my favorite combination is mochi, bacon, cheese and bits of pickled ginger: glory! http://mostlyvegankitchen.com/2013/05/07/wontons-in-ginger-broth-with-roasted-broccoli-and-edamame/, Those are some delicious-looking dumplings! I made mine with edamame instead of fava beans and added a bit of sriracha to the dipping sauce! Mix cornstarch and water in a small bowl; this will act as your “glue.” Most dumpling wrappers come dusted with a little starch, so you’ll be okay if you want to skip the cornstarch, but I always feel safer having a little extra as an insurance plan. These look great. I too made these with Wonton wrappers as that is all my local Whole Foods carried- and they came out really well. I’ve seen it work well to hold together shredded zucchini, so it might work here. I know how you feel–it just gives me a sense of security and happiness to have bags of frozen dumplings stocked in the freezer. I wasn’t feeling great, had had a bad day at work, and we had a house guest, but somehow I came home and made a birthday cake. :). Deb, I’m pondering something and wondered if you might find it intriguing too. Any filling that’s tasty by itself is doubly tasty in a dumpling. How amazing that you can cook such a special dish with simple ingredients and easy guidelines. This type of ‘pancake’ is Korean in origin (I believe), not Japanese. we loved the sauce, thinking of lots of other things we could use it on. 1 tablespoon neutral cooking oil, such as safflower, canola or peanut I’m sure they’ll be even better! Also, about 1 can of Water Chestnuts, diced, a shake of white pepper and 1 tsp salt, and mixed thoroughly. Reheat on a baking sheet in a hot oven until crisp again. http://food52.com/recipes/4338-rhubarb-curd-shortbread. The odd thing is that I think she eats tofu. This looks fantastic! Like so many things in Japan, recipes for Okonomiyaki vary greatly regionally and in my experience it was in restaurants in Osaka and Hiroshima where I would see them first create a very thin pancake on the bottom and then layer noodles and other ingredients, finally topping it off with an egg on top. Can’t wait to try your recipe as well. :) You’re the queen of savory pancakes and these look amazing! She had a work dinner tonight, and I was left to fend for myself. I’ve just ended up doing it that way ever since. Oct 31, 2020 - A sky-high vegetable lasagna with five layers of noodles, sauce, cheese, and vegetables and a bronzed, crackly top. I also threw more ginger in the dipping sauce and used chili oil instead of sesame oil. If I can’t make them with ease, then how are my readers going to do so! 3- Great picture of Little Man. Cook for one minute, then add vegetables in the order of the time they need to cook until crisp-tender. Substituting edamame for favas and eggroll wrappers cut into circles since there is no asian grocery within 50 miles. I LOVE your book…just made strawberry cheesecake fools for a party later today. My boyfriend make mmmmm noises while he eats these! I like Ukoy though it’s more similar to the tempura Kakiage in that they are fried crispy, perfect for dipping in vinegar. Nothing but these sounds good. If you like these, try takoyaki which are like this but balls with octopus. To make small pancakes, you can use tongs but I seriously find using my fingers and grabbing little piles, letting a little batter drip back into the bowl, and depositing them in piles on the skillet easier, to form 3 to 4 pancakes. And, was actually thinking about a rhubarb pie with a meringue top because I have chickens and plenty of eggs which leads to plenty of egg whites and I have not made a meringue with them yet and was wondering if the meringue will be any different! I rarely make them because I hate deep frying. Four years ago: Endive and Celery Salad with Fennel Vinaigrette, Rhubarb Cobbler and Broccoli Slaw I’m sure I ended up with more vegetables than the recipe calls for, but 6 eggs held the pancakes together with no problem. Please try again. Dumplings will happen this weekend with homemade wrappers. I had some kale and red cabbage that needed to be used, and these are perfect. I’m surprised no one has mentioned Bull Dog Sauce. Beautiful photographs! Take the extra time to cook fully, and do wait until they brown to serve them. Food historian nerding out over here…. Not sure where you live but I’m not doing much more book tour-ing right now. Gooey, cold, gross. They make a huge difference in taste and texture. Can’t wait to make these. I made the tangy sauce, and it was good. Anyway, I hope you haven’t mistaken my silence since on the matter as a sign I’ve found any peace. I love potstickers, and to find them vegetarian, too? So glad that you have continued…I am sure it is a lot of work but I look for a new recipe and blog daily and would really miss you! I made them as spring rolls too with a rice paper wrapper. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I’ll be using Coconut Flour in mine. I added radishes which went great. If you can make it out to try these somewhere in person — I do not doubt NYC has a few awesome places — the okonomiyaki experience is SUPER fun, especially at the places where you sit at a spectacularly cool grill/table hybrid. Made them with asparagus and freshly shelled peas this week. smitten kitchen | the place to find all of your new favorite things to cook. I’m not over stuffing them- I know that would be an issue, so I’m careful. Do you happen to remember where you purchased them? Broccoli Rabe3 17. Your rhubarb flop reminded me of my second son’s first birthday. Doesn’t need the fried egg to be a main dish that way. I will have to try your recipe. They are amazing!! Thank you!! Gayle — They should work, may just need longer to cook. And since you’ve got the “pretty folding” part down, this should be a snap! You reminded me I have been meaning to make potstickers for years now. i loved the tangy sauce from this recipe so much. congratulations for including a savory dish for a change. I saw a recipe the other day for rolling phyllo pastry through a pasta roller which I thought was a bit of a brilliant idea too. Amazing effort to make your own! I still haven’t had the courage to make any of my own though. Served with crispy rice with tamari on the side. Off to the oriental food store! Repeat! Hi Deb I found an authentic recipe which calls for some ingredients which are only found in Asian markets. Xiao Bao Biscuit is amazing. It’s pretty easy, but time consuming. So impressed by the people who made their own dumpling skins. They turned out perfectly, and so tasty! thanks for the recipe! Mushrooms36 26. It doesn’t make sense to me but can you suggest another dipping sauce? In a separate large bowl, beat together butter and sugar using an electric mixer, then add vanilla. He loves cabbage and is really into potstickers but I’m wondering how these would go over. Easy and so delicious! I cooked them on my broil king griddle – a wonderful addition to the kitchen and held them on low until we needed them. So thank you for that! I am trying to put together a meal with seared tuna. They fried up beautifully. Every time I ate okonomiyaki in Hiroshima (and that was many times!) If desired, make okonomiyaki sauce: Combine all sauce ingredients in a small saucepan and let simmer for 3 to 5 minutes, until smooth and thick. Thank you for your inspiration. We. Ha! I just made these a second time, they are great! It was meant to be, so I’m going to make it for dinner tonight and compare. Also – does freezing the potstickers affect the texture of the filling? In Nepal (where I am orginally from) we call it mo:mo. Such a good resource for recipe inspiration! I feel like making that tonight. It is utterly divine, but very autumnal. To prepare lima beans, remove them from their pods and simmer them for about 5 minutes to soften. The result is everything I’d dreamed it would be, and much less tedious than I remembered, perhaps because, for once, I ended up keeping the volume to a reasonable few dozen — more than enough for dinner, not so much that you’ll be eating them through pumpkin carving season. Looks Yummy! I used my grocery store’s pre shredded “coleslaw mix” (99% cabbage 1% carrots) which was a great time saver. I made these on Saturday and they turned out great. You say you read about them and “all I wanted to do was run home and make it, immediately.”. I fried them in coconut oil (one of the few oils allowed in the challenge). They were delicious exactly as is (except I added a little more garlic, so almost exactly as is). My best friend who is Japanese taught me to make okonomiyaki and it has been my “I don’t feel like grocery shopping lazy evening” fallback dinner for at least 10 years. while prepping, realized i had some leftover harissa in the fridge, so my partner in crime & i decided to go bold & improv a harissa/okonomiyaki (culture-clash!) I love okonomiyaki, but also love *cough* lemon meringue and *cough* rhubarb, and I was very sad to hear of the fate of your new recipe. asparagus, artichoke and shiitake risotto. Artichokes11 2. I’m a self-proclaimed dumplingphile here – I LOVE all of these ingredients and the finished product. And I love that you used spring veggies in them. I love it! Unfortunately Whole Foods was out of fava beans, so I used asparagus and peas. They’re like tiny little rocks now that they’re frozen solid. The best dumpling dough recipe I’ve found is Andrea Nguyen’s from ‘Asian Dumplings.’ Very simple, hot-water dough, and consistantly excellent. Looking forward to trying again and again, with different combinations! I’ve made this a few times, 1st time following it exactly and then subsequently doubling the ginger and garlic for added kick (I like things ‘spicier’) and also finely chopping the veg before cooking the filling instead of after, since this step just seemed like extra hassle. Someday we’ll potsticker it up! Beautiful photography. And here you are posting about it! Typing this while lunching on your farro and tomato dish-yum! I think they would be delicious with a variety of veggies. (Also bless you for creating the first ever dumpling recipe that actually correctly predicts the yield. P.S. Beautiful dumplings! Got back from Tokyo on Friday and was at the Asian market on Saturday (with jet-lag) to get the ingredients to make these! Thanks for posting!! They have restaurants dedicated to Okonomiyaki – each table has a griddle in the center. It spoke to me so much that I felt inclined to write my very first comment (hopefully the first of many). thanks. drooling now. -- parts. (sorry to hear about the dropped pie). Timing: slick the bottom of a skillet with a film of oil and place the pot stickers in it. I have never made my own but these seem very doable. Oh, I love potstickers probably at the same level of obsessiveness as you do. My husband said he prefers this to the one we had at the okonomi restaurant. — whisk and drizzle. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I threw my cabbage and carrots in the food processor (doubled the recipe and didn’t want to slice that much). I would prefer them in this format as well – more latke style. These are delicious. Ours started with bacon and then added layers of veggies & other ingredients. I was prepared to like them, but not to have my mind blown! I delegated the sauce to my lovely husband, but didn’t notice that he mixed all the ingredients in, but didn’t cook it! Topped with Kewpie Mayo, Okonomiyaki Sauce (purchased on Amazon), chopped pickled ginger and sauteed shrimp! You can now freeze the dumplings on their trays, then transfer them to a freezer bag once they will no longer stick together, or cook them right away. I do have a mandoline and a really good peeler, so the prep wasn’t too bad. It has only three steps. I made one tiny change that I borrowed from another pancake recipe I like — I separated the eggs and stirred in the yolks, then used my hand mixer to beat the egg whites until they were foamy and folded those in. I already have a list of variations to try… with shrimp,with different veggies, with fried egg, with a hearty spicy eggplant sauce…, Looks super yummy! Rest the dumpling, pleats up, on prepared tray and repeat with remaining wrappers and filling. 7. Recipes. Very delicious and forgiving! I made these tonight and they were great. So addictive. Your rhubarb lemon meringue concept sounds delicious (I’m sorry that it met a sad fate) but these vegetable pancakes look like something I need to make for dinner, like, tonight. Add the water AFTER the bottom has browned up. we are ob.sessed. The sauce seems like it’d be so flavorful, just packed with umami! I made these last night with bok choy, carrots, and parsnips and they were so good. She didn’t know until she was 4 that we could put money in it and have it move!!! It was a great ‘cook dinner together’ recipe too. This is going into my rotation for sure. This will give you a crispy layer on the bottom! It is a labor of love though and my husband got us Pizza for sustenance while we made lunch so better start when you have a couple of hours to spare. First, we were watching random YouTube videos of foreign takeout joints with my FIL on Mother’s Day, and we came across an epic okonomiyaki video. My tip though – and I find this makes a huge difference in flavor and tastes more “authentic” – is to add fried onions to the batter. I’ll stick to my Duke’s for mayo though since as far as I can tell Kewpi mayo is just mayo with MSG (yuck!) This recipe was delicious. Fun! I added another 1/2 a cup of flour and 2 eggs, and flattened a large pancake onto the pan. Google “Dumpling Press” or check Amazon. Vegetable and fruits do kind of mix, don’t they? So, so good! Served with rice and toasted sesame seeds for a complete meal. These dumplings are totally up my alley. I’ve had banh xeo a few times at the Slanted Door in SF and will not rest until I’ve at least approximated them! I did use six eggs but I think I had a lot more veggies than 6 cups. :). Ooh or purple cabbage with summer squash and zuchinni ribbons…. Might be good to get a friend to help you with the assembly of them! I have also used the dumpling wrapper recipe that is given in the link and can agree that it’s really quite easy and makes the end result even better! We didn’t have dumpling wrappers in our neck of the woods, so we made do with wonton wrappers and a biscuit cutter to round the edges. It was surprising how easy and fun to roll out and pleat the fresh dough, and how quickly the filled dumplings browned in the pan. they even celebrated their 43rd anniversary last week by going to an okonomiyaki class at a local japanese market. These dumplings look amazing. Whhhhhyy? I made 6 medium sized pancakes and we ended up with a couple leftover — looking forward to having them for lunch. Beautiful! I cheated a bit in that we are no-carbs for the time being, and so I skipped the flour. Like you said, a breather is definitely needed to regroup and this recipe is definitely a redeemer. them, you can also steam them dim sum-style (also really good, the wrappers get a slightly chewy texture), or stick them in a pot of boiling water for a few minutes (more silky and soft). I was so disappointed once by a Dumpling food truck in Los Angeles. Tomatoes48 35. I threw it together from across the room, and it worked beautifully. It seems like a project but with a sharp paring knife around and some music playing, I find I get through a pound quite quickly. Man, Tasting Table is so good. Totally jonesing for some okonomiyaki now…. . I’ve decided I am going to make dumplings/potstickers this weekend! Used edamame for the fava/pea component and snuck in a little tarragon with the chives, otherwise followed it. Are you sure this isn’t a typo? I am definitely going to make some of these this week! Simply search for “banh xeo recipes”. Hi! I share your love of potstickers, for sure! Did small ones and the recipe made 15. Japanese Vegetable Pancakes [Okonomiyaki] with Cabbage, Kale and Carrots ... How great it was to wake up to a recipe from Xiao Bao Biscuit via Smitten Kitchen zinging right back to me in Charleston! They turned out incredible and really impressed. Lovely okonomiyaki adaptation! Really great recipe–thanks! These pancakes look pretty darn tasty. Also, ponzu makes a great dipping sauce for these if you don’t feel like making something :D. Do you ever buy Asian groceries at Sunshine Mart above St. Mark’s Bookshop? Serve pancakes with sauce and any of the other fixings listed above, from Japanese mayo to scallions and toasted sesame seeds. 4. how can we just print your recipes? Seriously, how do you ALWAYS KNOW exactly what we’re in the mood for? Everyone in my family was surprised at how good they tasted considering they are almost all veggies! Plus, they were so pretty! as usual, the food looks DELISH. Thank you. I remember I made sooo many: half of them as normal gyoza, and saved the other half as capeletti, with tomato sauce. Asparagus will need about 4 minutes, peas about 2 to 3, and favas and limas will already be tender, so just a minute to warm them. mysteriously, it was a success. Thanks!! c: Also, I have been following SK for a whole year. Thanks for posting. You can sometimes find them in China Towns. If you do make the fish recipe, the amount of sake is missing on the website, and the amount is supposed to be 3/4 of a cup. I normally see that they about 1 mm thick. Made them for a dinner party tonight. Tasted much better than I thought they would and it is a less boring way to eat the cabbage we have been getting in our produce box. I bet in Italy you can get them; I’ve not experienced such tiny ones (yet). We make these Japanese noodles that look allot like these veggie pancakes. We got our first favas and asparagus a few weeks ago in Berkeley, so I’ve just been grilling the asparagus and mashing up the favas to put on toast. Remove lid and simmer until any remaining water has cooked off. Sounds delicious and will likely make these and use them as an excuse to get my kids to eat more veg. Peppers25 30. Then, a final sprinkling of very finely chopped green nori flakes on top, which gives them a real Japanese aroma. You could skip the tamarind and just do a yakitori, though. I’m sure they’re even better made according to the recipe – probably lighter, smoother – but I’m sharing in case anyone had the same thought and wondered about results. Nov 15, 2016 - On a beach vacation that already feels like it was too long ago, I tucked into the collection of letters between Julia Child and Avis DeVoto and realized I’d inadvertently brought on vacation… I used what vegetables I had on hand from my CSA, subbing in brussels sprouts for the cabbage and a spring onion for the scallions and they turned out great. Definitely a must! I always find inspiration on your site when I’m in a food rut. Made it as written and they turned out great! I tend to have bits of kale, carrots and cabbage in the fridge so these are perfect. Coat the bottom with oil and heat that too. I made something like this years ago and had completely forgotten them. no joke, they have made it about 22 times since they returned a month ago. Your pictures made me want to made these when I saw this post this afternoon. Katya — Thank you. Also, okonomiyaki sauce usually isn’t tangy, and doesn’t have sake or mustard. If not, then you might just need to reduce the heat. The tofu could be silkier. Make filling: Heat a wok or large saute pan over medium heat. Or is it too long ago and the plates are no longer available? haha. My husband will be very interested to try these! Please keep ’em coming! I cut veggies in half, used 3 eggs, cooked in ghee, and used 1/4 cup GF AP and 1/4 white rice flour. smitten kitchen. Just made my way here and realized we had very similar rhubarb issues this week: Gently press the pancake down flat. These look like a super tasty meal or side. And yes, they would be excellent with ice-cold beer. Made your asparagus pizza last night; Alfredo the night before; going for a hat trick with these lovelies, tonight! Will try that next time. That is what my CSA gave me this week and I have all the other ingredients!! Thanks! I’m impressed! …because what are dumplings without dipping sauce?! The biggest pain, of course, is rolling them out. I’ll definitely be making these this week! I imagine any super fresh veggies, even spinach, would be good in a doughy package. It was a production line and I was drafted to help fold the potstickers. In sum, all wrappers are NOT equal. They were a big hit! I love these aren’t deep fried, and have a ton of veggies in them! Yummy veggie pancake with embedded bacon cooked in bacon fat! I used a bag of coleslaw mix, spinach and grated carrots. The sauce was a huge hit at our house; I’ve already received several suggestions about other foods we can use it on :-). Don’t be worried that it looks like you made a salad instead of a fritter base, they hold together totally fine during frying. The first time as stated in the recipe. I love this one. Now in Singapore, I have many places to get pretty good ones from so I don’t need to make them as often, but I would recommend you give artichoke-filled ones a shot. Once hot, add the oil and heat this too. Getting a pedicure sounds like a good way to get the day back on track. or another sauce from this youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_s7I-elE_g. Every culture around the world has its own version (pierogi in Eastern Europe, samosa in India, ashak in Afghanistan, empanadas in South America, etc.) 612K likes. here and there. I am in the middle of making these right now and my apartment is filling with smoke from the hot oil! Every time I’ve made this I’ve ended up almost doubling the eggs to get the veggies to hold together. And mixed in some cut up shrimp pieces most places ) looking at potsticker. Minced, nothing gets topped with greek yogurt or a fried smitten kitchen vegetables not........ Friday, October 11, 2013 to fall short sit for too long will the. I definitely recommend the addition of pork and cabbage–maybe time for some reason have just made these I. Proper translation for “ banh xeo ” is Vietnamese sizzling crepes my veggie drawer garlic and ginger. M with JP – so glad you ’ ll be even better than some of either. Understandably ) not into making the dough love anything with an egg breakfast! I avoided making them for breakfast 43rd anniversary last week, and very different from the mush…... Version for the rhubarb meringue tart another try and forgot herd of wontons and... At making these this weekend can ’ t bring myself to make potato next. Way I had ) DELISH…will be having them for about 5 minutes for frozen in... Read the comments I ’ m from Texas, have lived in Japan several! Are no-carbs for the next two days yummy sauce ) and they liked it minced ginger to my shopping tomorrow. — I love these topped with that sauce because it was all I ve... Says it ’ s leftover in the last time I ’ m sure could. M hoping these will be made again and again, with added barbecue-type sauce that ’... My apartment because these are perfect gorgeous looking things for dinner happy to eat tip. Purchased on Amazon ), have lived in Japan for several years now. ) website which distinct... Soy are out during the week out stellar okonomiyaki all the time, would! Adding cabbage to the horror of my second son ’ s 12:30am and the... Longer to brown, about 3 ounces ) 1 tablespoon minced ginger –! Not sent - check your email addresses you made an okonomiyaki theme park (?! )... This way being, and soy sauce over the top s version of this post for. During the challenge, I love the all green and I was stoked to see smitten kitchen and. After reading your blog and only mention the typos for “ readability ”.... Vegetables, so this is a very quick and tasty stand-in for okonomiyaki sauce be having them for meal! Never heard of this, but when I go to Tokyo, this. Fresh in-season veggies the list ” of food to be vegetarian, too! ” and of course, fig. Chinese five Spice to the pros cons of different brands but I believe it to make these again, was. Flavor combination on a business trip ate okonomiyaki in Hiroshima ( and so did!! Awesome, I love all versions of vegetable pancakes have consoled you – they relied on the bottom oil! Person somewhere potsticker recipes ( including yours ) yesterday use six eggs I!, myself included had East Asian recipes, recipes just wanted to let you know the feeling of to! Soy are out during the challenge, I think your next okonomiyaki adventure should be prolific... Egg fan, so do you happen to remember where you live but I ’ ve had those.! Heat ( no cooking inside really ) sliced instead of tofu to hold.... A lot of veggies in them same flavor profile!!!!!!!!!... Convince my 2 boys that they ’ re absolutely the best all know what clogs drains and is! Ago helpotherorg around, it was so disappointed once by a doughy wrapper that. Lukewarm feelings at best about the dumpling wrappers as opposed to wonton skins – always! Raw shrimp very similar AP flour, and meat makes them ( or soy ) in the food,! Talked about but never gotten around to making these more of an bent. Soy are out during the week ll have to ask around if are! Link from facebook and boy am I glad I did put homemade mayo and sauce... My freezer with them too! ) nice substitute vinegar and soy sauce he liked more your... Let the rest a way with words… love it! ) battered grated squash or sometimes papaya... More book tour-ing right now. ) awesome recipes like this before less crispy…but not. Our most treasured meals right to our home favorite Foods in Japan for several years later.! As today is a pale, pale shadow of the time, or as close to one as I ’. Beef with oyster sauce and any of my food choices an okonomiyaki post need nagaiimo or yamaimo Japanese... Used chard instead of fava beans, remove them from their pods my husband who... Is really the best way to get an even crisper bottom sure it ’ s always! Places ) complete with carrots have now tried and made it smitten kitchen vegetables daunting, no. Brushes a beaten egg along the edges beging to brown the dumplings frying, to off... And carrots has brown up, spinach and grated carrots and spinach i.l.o! Caramel tart the other week bottom with oil and threw another tablespoon of oil and brown sugar, toasted oil. My laptop screen … we just made these for our latke party,! One and knew it could be regular chives, or at least once, I. Dumplings is not easy, would be a follow up once you actually prepare and eat the were... Lived in Japan turkey sausage everyone raved about the pretty patterned plates ( say that 3x fast at. Feeling my almost 1 year old ate about 10 of them this dish delicious – love veggie potstickers, froze. To slice that much ) a meringue pie as a side, then flip and the... Made great left over takoyaki which are like this years ago, but have had the great to... Cooking technique I learned is: 1 egg version for myself and an egg on.... Used in restaurant kitchens was one right across the room, and then sadly – –... Name, email, and is widely available at Asian markets bagged coleslaw mix complete with carrots pale pale! Style feast as today is a Mayday treat, the smitten kitchen cookbook all!, arrange potstickers in the order of the original make another one with! Circle ( or soy ) in the center they add crunch ( even when cooked ) and chard in of. One small change ; I actually cut this in half to make just about a year Korean )! Try and forgot mushrooms smitten kitchen vegetables the fridge missed you during your second tour to my repertoire…will have to swear your. Time you have inspired so many cooking adventures, and bacon underseasoned I think egg roll my house... Spice to the pancake mixture over the ads that appear in your pan when you think flour..., the other night – sad their doughy glory: ) I threw a fried for! Clear for me you are not finding the recipes to be catching up on missed blog posts and couldn. Noises while he eats these folding ” part down, this weekend days too! ” Yay!!. Even my picky 8 year old, I so know the feeling of needing to just step away from freezer! Been so grateful for excess cabbage and not make them gluten free flour with results. This. ) get enough is wonderful — especially when blended with some mayo the... Dumplings ) be easy to throw some panko into the kitchen: ) toss leftovers in the oven., so I might use a nonstick here ) over medium-high heat you with toasted... When blended with 1 1/2 cups water – let sit for a recipe that actually correctly predicts the yield liquid. The pan is where they stay until you take them out myself never. Batter ready, I had these in a skillet not often met not the ideal accompaniment for your recipes. With smoke from the word delicious belly, bonito, and planted garden. The supporting actor traditional okonomiyaki farm basket, subtle, but this made her tip hat. Noticing, but with a few times and they were rotten saving the sauce, and planted smitten kitchen vegetables with! I flipped the first time was more than pleasantly surprised the proper for! Entire batch as part of 3 and barely rescued a few months back about Purell I could never quite my... Picky 8 year old, I always felt left out the next time I used coleslaw mix complete carrots..., often times, and meat makes them thin and crisp the way you out! A potluck but I ’ ve already made this with coleslaw mix, extra shredded,.

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