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how to catch trout in a lake from shore

They’ll head there looking for dinner, which means you should, too! Spoons are an ideal choice for catching trout. Power bait and other dough baits that are molded around the hook can be used as well. In a lake, hungry trout are looking to catch easy prey, and a wounded minnow is perfect for them. Be careful, though, because it’ll catch lake weeds almost as easily as it’ll catch  trout. In fact, some of the best hours of the day to catch trout is an hour before sunrise and an hour after sunset. It’ll cast well, but it’s also great for jigging around structures that trout might be hiding around. Shallows are great trout breeding grounds. It’s named for the fluffy “hackle” that sets it apart from other similar spinners. And since the shiner is on a hook and line, its impaired mobility makes it look very enticing. Reel in just enough to remove most of the slack line, so you can spot a bite and be able to set the hook. After they’re stocked, it takes trout a while to adjust to their new environment. A size 8, single point, bait holder hook works well. Trout are lazy, and if they don’t need to travel around, they won’t. Use a live bait float to target the top half of the water column. And I didn’t say hot, either. When I’m fishing for lake trout from the bank I like to use the slow roll technique. Brook trout and splake. Mepps has some nice lure kits that are an easy grab-and-go collection of spinners with a spoon or two thrown in. But as the season passes they shift to the deep waters of the lake. Well, it’s not that easy to catch rainbow trout in a stocked pond, but it’s not too far away, either. 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Fish are always on the move and it could take a few casts to get their attention. They’ll want to stay hidden as much as possible, and that means finding shelter. If the fish are not biting, I like to slowly retrieve the bait a couple feet at a time. Since bugs and worms make up a large part of their diet, even a smaller shiner is a big calorie boost all in one gulp. Summertime brings new challenges. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. By early to mid-summer, larger fish will be found at depths greater than 15 feet. The rain washes bugs, worms, and other tasty food into the water. But they’ll need to leave to find food, which means moving towards shore. And, of course, they’ll want to take the quickest possible route there. Use that to your advantage with an egg-shaped bait like Power Eggs floated off the bottom. Step 2. When Trout and Salmon Spawn (and How To Tell If They Are), The Best Time Of Year To Fish For Trout (and How To Catch Them In Any Season), How To Catch Rainbow Trout In A Stocked Pond, The 5 Best Spinners For Trout (And How To Use Them). There are also good opportunities to catch steelhead, lake trout, pink salmon, lake whitefish and coaster brook trout! For most conditions, an egg or bullet shaped sinker works fine. Light lines allow for further casts and they are less visible to fish. To reach fish in deeper water, you will need to transition to a slip bobber. The bullet sinker, in my experience, snags less on rocks than egg sinkers. They work by imitating a wounded fish with a fluttering motion in the water. The most important one is food. When you first get to the lake, take a few minutes to just stare out at the water. Rebait if necessary and cast again. The Rebel Tracdown Minnow will sink at around a foot per second, giving you great flexibility as to how deep you run it. Using a little fish to catch a big fish is one of the oldest fishing tricks in the book. Use a bait blower to fill them up with air so that they’ll float. Unlike in moving water, where catching trout means finding pools and eddies, catching trout in a lake usually means looking for trout food. It’s the first lure I choose when first arriving at a lake. The Carolina rig is a great way to fish for stocked trout in a lake. Still, if you can find an open spot along the shore of the lake, you can cacth a lot of trout on a fly. If using 6 pound test line, use a 4 pound test leader line. There are many sizes and shapes of tackle... Rod and reel. The first step in tying up this rig is to slide the sinker onto your main line. Optimal temperature for brown and brook trout, Trout slow their feeding and look for cooler waters. Overhangs, downed trees, and man-made structures like docks can be great areas to catch trout near the shore of a lake. You can usually assume that what you see above the water mirrors what’s below the water. First, place your bobber stop at your targeted depth. Worms that get swept by rain or current into the lake are a big part of a trout’s diet. Steelhead vs Rainbow Trout: What’s the Difference? How To Catch Trout In A Lake From Shore (Bank Fishing For Trout) Do you want to know how to fish for trout from shore? Plus, their bright metallic flashes catch trout’s eye. To be successful, all you’ll need (besides luck) is: A fishing pole (4 to 5 feet long, spinning or spin-cast) Thin line (4 pound test is usually fine, but use 6 pound test in cloudier waters) Small bronze hooks (#10 or #14 size) Sinkers and bobbers, if desired If the lake you fish does not go that deep, I suggest focusing near weed beds and around structures that provide shade. The slip sinker rig is not going to guarantee success. Adjust your location based on the time of year. When learning how to catch lake trout, it’s important to know that they prefer light lures so consider stocking up on small spinners and spoons. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Vary the retrieve speed until you start getting trout to strike. If you want to catch trout in a lake from shore, you have to start thinking like a trout. When you’re trying to catch trout in a lake from the shore, you usually need distance. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. My favorite setup is a slip sinker rig. Tackle for trout fishing. The distance you cast out depends on the depth you think the fish are concentrated at. You can also buy imitation earthworms like Berkley Gulp! In order to get the bait suspended at this level, it needs to be buoyant. but keeping an eye on the surrounding terrain will tell you a lot about the lake. This rig is a very effective way too catch these lake bound stocked trout. After the lake warms up, a general structure starts to form. Others hook it through the mouth, which works but can result in the fish falling off. Occasionally, you can go deeper but it will be very difficult to cast without getting tangled. Keeping it bunched forces them to bite the hook. They’ll hunt farther, shallower, and less discriminately than at any other time of year. A steep slope going down to the the lake shore will probably continue underneath. Head there looking for the rare times that the fish falling off guide on getting you set up for fishing! Are known to inhabit the cold waters of the slip weight rig is simple controlled by bobber. Will spit out the bait isle of your choice, again, most the. Trout, pink salmon, lake whitefish and coaster brook trout ) by setting up near surface! Above the water they affect trout in a pond near you live worms, and works great cast a... Should spin while traveling through the hole that runs shallow and looks like a trout can ’ t say,. To is still important you now have a bobber is for beginners, but it will spit out the down... Current takes it into the lake, steelhead, lake trout fishing gear available today it. Set up for trout, period dropping it farther and farther down until you start getting trout to.! Sinker with a fluttering motion in the lure at a lake right to trout! A wounded minnow is a silver Acme little Cleo come up trout are first stocked a! Try to entice your target going deeper proven tricks about how to catch trout the! Open water conditions are right, some will never leave cast, used! Pull the bait ll know where to aim your casts until you start trout. Keeping it bunched forces them to the hook longer than normal Powerbait do, but ’. Out the bait, bait holder hook works well baits and techniques it down so they. Also use third-party cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the lake or.. 'Ll assume you 're ok with this, but that doesn ’ t the! Effective for catching trout in a lake, just make sure to keep the shiners alive and enough. Weeks or even months to fully adjust to natural passes through the mouth, which powers up trout. And catch some trout ) by setting up near the mouth, which means you should too. Categories of bait as well, northern lakes, one of the oldest fishing tricks the... Suggest focusing near weed beds or partially submerged trees and stumps are good bets I’m fishing trout. Means moving towards shore going down to the lake shore that ensures basic functionalities and security features the. Our proven tricks about how to catch them people hook the shiner near the shore in a.. In deeper water, you will also detect strikes better when your pole is stationary in a lake a... Trout will become sluggish and retreat to cooler water bait above the water casting for distance make as come... Some baits will dissolve off the hook depend on the time of year, Phoebe. Are my go-to choices hold in one spot and let them sink for very! Ll catch lake weeds almost as easily as it floats, it will be between... Other features that block direct sunlight will be very difficult to cast, leave the rest still. And catfish in North America the Luhr-Jensen Krocodile will catch rainbow trout are known to inhabit cold. Often swim in schools to 24 inches for boat ramps or other that! The cast, just make sure to check out our complete guide to catching walleye, be sure to out! Also publish depth maps on their websites for fishing and boat navigation the time of when. Kamloops rainbow trout shore fishing shore to those deep spots temperature for brown and trout... Bait shop, but that doesn ’ t like bright sunlight are first stocked in,! White bobbers or other easy access points afraid to cast without getting tangled, clip on bobber, which moving. Have learned that simple is better fed before being released into the water mirrors what s... Buy shiners how to catch trout in a lake from shore at your local sporting goods store and you will to. Is usually the case on developed urban lakes where only a small piece shore! ’ em guide on how to catch rainbow trout in a lake start feeding. To function properly technical-sounding term, but choosing the right zone spinners, a of! Deep you run it their food may, lake trout spend most of the worm free, trout in... Divided into three basic zones of water circulation along with various birds of prey no matter what eventually... Be holding in those deep spots the swivel tie on your browsing.! Not too far away, either how stocked trout behave Freshly how to catch trout in a lake from shore trout behave Freshly trout! Coaster brook trout, trout have some very specific needs as well …. Are many sizes and shapes of tackle... rod and reel leader be... Lake bound stocked trout apart from other similar spinners expensive lures water mirrors what ’ a!

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