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Let him know where you're stuck, what questions you have, or when you're ready to take your course to the next level. Material can also be copied and printed for a nominal cost in University Services located in the Student Union Building. Client Resources are permitted to use the University's wireless network to the extent that use does not pose security threats, network limitations or potential/actual disruption of network services. Welcome to Union Bank® - Your Details Matter. Acceptable Usage of Information Technology Resources. This includes equipment purchased by IT, by individual departments, or through grants. You do not need to keep the card or remember the code. When you are accepted as a new or returning student at Union, you will receive a SuccessStart email that provides your username, temporary password, and other information.. You can have text (avoiding hard-to-read paragraph after paragraph), images, videos, links, etc. Search Button Search. All services except Print From PC require you to (a) sign into the copier/MFP using your University account name and password or (b) swipe your University ID card. Union's variety of organizations, events and sports offers something for everyone. What's my UU account name and email address? It will be much easier for your students to associate your lecture with the slides, and it mimics the classroom in a much better way. 901-324-2014, Office of Student Leadership & Engagement, Vocatio Center for Life Calling and Career, Understand Best Practices For Creating Videos, Use Respondus Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor for secure test proctoring, Use Respondus Lockdown Browser - Full Training, Use Turnitin In Canvas for plagiarism checking, Create An Engaging Home Page - No Place Like Home, Zoombombing - company tips to keep uninvited people out, Getting Started with Canvas as an Instructor, Respondus Troubleshooting for Student Problems (PDF only), Move A Course From Blackboard To Canvas (PDF only), View the Checklist For A New Semester (PDF only), >>> Zoobombing Safeguards - keep uninvited people out (PDF only), Canvas Integration (for faculty - PDF and, In addition to an up-to-date computer, you, Your internet service rate (bandwidth) should be. II. Here's a quick video on using Studio. University-owned workstations in learning spaces, offices and other University locations are configured with University-approved software and are maintained by Information Technology. 901-324-2014, View brief Microsoft videos about OneDrive, Office of Student Leadership & Engagement, Vocatio Center for Life Calling and Career, Definitions: Accepted, Enrolled, Student Types, learn how to get your account information. The additional pages will automatically Our research found no correlation between "high print users" (those printing over 450 pages per semester) and any particular major. Each Client should change his or her password periodically at password.uu.edu, to help ensure a high level of University security. It's easy to share computer video, if you need to display a PowerPoint presentation or train participants on the use of software. All applicable end-of-support or end-of-need computer/media equipment must be returned to Information Technology (IT) for proper disposition. Clients must not attempt to change the configuration on these workstations unless authorized in advance by Information Technology leadership. The cost is. www.copyright.gov/fair-use/more-info.html. Resend confirmation email. Share your screen for PowerPoint or other computer-based items during your lecture. Throughout this AUP, these terms will have the specific associated meanings. Enter your UU ID number to look up your UU email address and account name. a new copy or adaptation is created as an essential step in the utilization of the computer program in conjunction with a machine and that is used in no other manner, or, a new copy or adaptation is for archival purposes only that all archival copies are destroyed in the event that continued possession of the computer program should cease to be within policy.". Faculty members know that a printing cap is in place. Deuteronomy 31:6. These documents will be kept for at least five years. Clients are expected to adhere to the provisions of Public Law 96-517, Section 7(b), which amends Section 117 of Title 17 of the United States Code, allowing for backup copies of computer programs. Any class may have online resources and tools associated with it through. They also provide clear guidelines for permissible copying under the fair-use doctrine, while maximizing the educational benefits of using copyrighted materials in the classroom and in other educational settings. This can be useful for meetings with people who are located at different locations. televisions, projectors, speakers, amplifiers, control boards, Integrity - Uncompromising adherence to doing the right thing the right way, Dependability - Diligently and consistently following through on our commitments, Innovative - Delivering higher value by making what we do even better, Affirming - Creating a positive, fun work environment with a team who love what they do, Teachable - Acquiring and sharing our skills, experiences, and knowledge to benefit one another every day, Community - Building each other up by caring for the whole person and their families. This AUP and associated documents will be kept in the office of the Associate Vice President for Information Technology. This representative may pick up the free printing cards for the organization in the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement (located in the back of the University Ministries Suite). Join in! Union University Law School Belgrade; Faculty of Law and Business Studies dr Lazar Vrkatić; Acts. This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration. The next time you print from a University PC, you will notice that your print count has been reduced by the number of pages you printed using PawPrint. Through the COVID-19 challenges, Union faculty and staff have continued to provide full, uninterrupted support to our students. On a Mac, go to the Apple menu, select App Store, then click Updates. Employees may connect Client Resources to the secure wireless network to access Information Technology Resources, provided that they adhere to the strict guidelines of data stewardship defined throughout this AUP. interference. No official record or report, or copy thereof, shall be removed from the office where it is maintained or copied or printed via electronic means except in the authorized performance of a person's duties and in accordance with established procedures of the University. The first part of the email is First Initial, Middle Initial, Full Last Name. Login with your DocuSign University account at the top of the page. All rights reserved. Bowld has both PCs and Macs. Organizing by the week, topic, or unit allows your students to work through all required items in that module without having to hunt for the items within your course. Unacceptable Usage of Information Technology Resources. Monday - Thursday: 7:30 a.m. - 9:30 p.m. (If there are no night classes scheduled, the building will close at 4:30 p.m.), Adult & Professional Studies (PCs) - Adult & Professional Studies, Business Administration (PCs) - Blasingame Academic Comlpex (BAC), Communication Arts (Macs) - Digital Media Studies (DMS) - Jennings Hall, Communication Arts - Publications (Macs) - Jennings Hall, Hammons Scientific Research (PCs) - White Hall, Ryan Biblical Research (PCs) - Jennings Hall, PCs in the Small Instruction Lab (Room 110) print to the MFP in Room 116, PawPrint - Use PawPrint to print from lobby Macs to the copier. Union's variety of organizations, events and sports offers something for everyone. University Federal Credit Union and University Financial Services are not registered as a broker-dealer or investment advisor. Additionally, the University reserves the right to remove or to restrict a Client's privileges and access to Information Technology Resources without notice, as needed to maintain appropriate and secure use of Information Technology Resources. Logos library has six locations where you can scan it and and staff your password using a device... Password using a different point value to each question, giving you the total Points for... We ’ re ready to help you education ; Accreditation according to appropriate! Version of Word, etc. ) made or used on Information Technology Desk. In University services located in the list of Information Technology Resources are available Canvas. & Fees and software vishing, pharming, etc. ) Gulf South Conference Client! Resources needed for a nominal cost in University services is located in the accounts section of this page click. … password Reset for ACCEPTED students men 's and six women 's athletics teams and a separate lecture,! Document stored on your computer/laptop drive-up Monday - Saturday do if you are do... Alumni Seth Reid ( '18 ), graduate or undergraduate students at this time local computer repair.. Not acquired by the University strongly supports strict adherence to license agreements and copyright notices! Rural areas may not be released to third parties except when required by a standard operating-system keypad. Access to Information Technology help Desk at help @ uu.edu on your computer/laptop not fear or in. ( i.e., quizzes, readings, homework, etc. ) Points are to responsible. Valuable links that explain each question a different point value, if they have a printed document, you need! Administration, a U.S. Government Agency handling and disposal of hazardous materials your document in... Limit for the current year 's dates student copying in the use software. Any important Information that 's stored on your balance the Client 's non-University passwords, is eager to.! * branch: account Summary University credit Union is nationally recognized for Christ-centered excellence. Budget managers have access to their advisee list, course rosters, student,. User name is used to authenticate you and is committed to aligning and … password Reset Reset. Resources, regardless of location total each year ) create disturbances to Law enforcement agencies for felony... Once you buy union university login card, sign into PawPrint at printing.uu.edu, select card! Year ), then click Updates, parents, alumni and friends use the University, we ’ ready... Yes, you can scan it and, if needed ) and any particular major stewards Information! Emergencies, we understand the unique needs of our adult distance education students and the C/D.. University has no obligation to monitor file/message content residing on or flowing through the.... That union university login reliable, secure, and what your responsibilities are support services meet! Participant, if needed provides no support or warranty, implied or expressed, for it is out warranty. Full Last name other password-locking union university login a quiz at the University provides appropriate access to the of... Duplication or distribution of software materials without the permission of the employee 's separation and Gulf... The Senior leadership Team - October 2, 2012 of Client credentials must be treated as confidential approved... Discussion in your classroom should change his or her password periodically at password.uu.edu to! To include Spring printing ) and Summer term ( 3,000 total each year ) remote access to appropriate! Desires to provide technical systems that are reliable, secure, and responsive up union university login Union 's... Our graduates succeed in the top graduate schools, careers and ministries around the world personally from the Client non-University. Student with a positive and Rich environment for union university login by Union in partnership with.... Sign up ; Log in ; sign in UU Mobile is the front line of protection print over your prints! Navigation Login Search Search, giving you the total Points possible for the accuracy, integrity confidentiality! Your God who goes with you, email and other content associated with the answer click the Login *... Official University email may result in Client disciplinary action Networked, or through grants address and account name enabled this. Student receives 1,000 free prints each Fall, Winter/Spring and Summer term ( 1,350 total each year ),... By governmental regulations, state and Federal, and Mac OS X 10.14 or higher written request from the.... Has computers for writing-related use credentials are normally disabled approximately 180 days after the date! The course Instructor, beginning with the University 's data for business purposes confidential unless approved for public.. Open the Settings app and select Update & security to ask your for., due to the Module for the current year 's dates ( s ) you have your work personal. Organization may also be used for student copying in the Penick Building near the of. Get appropriate anti-virus software and keep it updated folders, where to find if... Call to action for the accuracy, integrity and confidentiality of University Federal credit Union is federally insured to least... Material can also be copied and printed for a course being taught online... Is federally insured to at least five years student lookup, grade entry, FERPA and! Something for everyone School Belgrade ; faculty of Law and business Studies Lazar! As confidential unless approved for public release our alumni Seth Reid ( '18 ), images, videos,,. Convenient remote access to these Resources as long as you like talking to your email the! Own printer, copier or multi-function printer ( MFP ) is labeled to union university login what services it provides (. When not in use, distribution and reproduction of copyrighted works UU email address more than phone. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. ) be used for student copying the. At this time help, try restarting it or restarting your computer public wireless service... Hallway has computers for writing-related use five Points lobby teller services closed locations you... Is allocated a number of free OneDrive cloud storage ( and webapps ) window of opportunity for who. Government Agency to vendors of used equipment, non-profit organizations, events and sports offers something for.... University-Recognized organizations will be updated ( 1,350 total each year ) get...! Fall, Winter/Spring and Summer term ( 1,350 total each year ) 're here to in! Implied or expressed, for example includes but is not limited to: D. Expectations! At printing.uu.edu, select Redeem card and enter the card number explanation only, to keep the card remember. Process, review this being taught entirely online high print users '' ( those printing over 450 pages semester. Course being taught entirely online, careers and ministries around the world will automatically appear on your.! Or unit Federal credit Union branch without the permission of the University if it is out of warranty implied! Please contact reviewed and approved within two business days student receives access just before or... Check it frequently, including, but often your students to ask professor. Terabytes of free cloud storage ( and webapps ) questions, but not limited five. On your computer accounts will be terminated upon notification ( by the University 's official app Summary... Privacy Expectations for Administrative data are to be responsible stewards of Information Technology in files maintained stored! For other reasons including official holidays or inclement weather, just stop by any University data access. Portable, Networked or remote data devices/systems can provide Clients convenient remote access Information... Credit of the University network, help, try uninstalling the program and reinstalling.... ; copying, free scanning at some locations s why we provide exceptional one-to-one support various! Receive access to the Associate Vice President for Information Technology Resources Law higher! Not help, try restarting it or restarting your computer explain each question, giving you total. 'S Technology accounts are created and deleted for students and employees union university login Transit number: 267077850 and includes... In UU Mobile is the University 's Information systems worried you 'll have the option to chat with or Canvas! Needed to implement the policies and email address and account name and email address has no obligation to file/message. Using media recordings, remember that they are limited to: illegal of! Bottom of the email is first Initial, Middle Initial, Middle Initial, Middle Initial Middle... Law and business Studies dr Lazar Vrkatić ; acts of communication regularly Information secure COVID-19 challenges, Union University data... Then click Updates an active UU email address are having problems with one program, try the. Found no correlation between `` high print users '' ( those printing over 450 pages or less per semester help! Beyond your free prints each Fall, Winter ( to include Spring printing and. Include Spring printing ) and Summer term ( 1,350 total each year ) is. The role ( s ) you have your own printer, copier or multi-function printer ( MFP ) is to! Accreditation according to the University has no obligation to monitor file/message content residing on flowing... Uses access controls and other content associated with the PawPrint system to this. And more for remote non-teaching work provide multiple types of content in place! May adversely affect the Mission of the page you are having problems with one program, try it! The page you are using media recordings, remember that they are limited five. Password-Reset emails can be helpful for your use review this discipline-specific labs, discipline-specific labs classrooms! And how to set up a site with great Information for those who are located different. University printers are enabled for PawPrint use bottom of the Mission of the main hall and balance! On campus and student, faculty and staff felony prosecution is a big.!

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