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However, the number of Albanian immigrants slowed consequently during that time but also due to immigration restrictions placed by the communist regime in Albania. Journal of International Migration and Integration/Revue de l'integration et de la migration internationale 5, no. The Illyrian Warrior . 0 0. This territorial nature stems from jealousy. At the beginning of the 15th century these principalities became stronger, especially because of the fall of the Serbian Empire. In 1054, after the Great Schism, the north gradually became identified with Roman Catholicism and on the contrary, the south with Eastern Orthodoxy. About Finland. There are also significant Albanian populations in Greece. Another hypothesis associates the Albanian language with the Thracian language. Tavë Kosi is a national dish in Albania consisting of garlic lamb and rice baked under a thick, tart veil of yogurt. The Arbëreshë and Arvanitika languages represent varieties of the Albanian language spoken by the Arbëreshës and Arvanites in Southern Italy and Southern Greece respectively. A lot of people either go to Berat or Gjirokastёr because they think because they are … [247] Other Christian clergy such as Luca Matranga in the Arbëresh diaspora published (1592) in the Tosk dialect while other notable authors were from northern Albanian lands and included Pjetër Budi, Frang Bardhi, and Pjetër Bogdani. In 1296 Serbian king Stephen Milutin captured Durrës. Jude. They are mentioned for the first time in historical records from the 11th century as a tribe living across the mountainous region of the Mat and Drin rivers in the Western Balkans. Albania is a beautiful country located on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea. Albanians in Italy later became important in establishing the fundamentals of the Albanian Renaissance and maintaining the Albanian culture. In 2016, approximately 4,041 persons resident in Australia identified themselves as having been born in Albania, while 15,901 persons identified themselves as having Albanian ancestry, either alone or in combination with another ancestry. [76], In Serbia, the Albanians are an officially recognised ethnic minority group with a population of around 70,000. [121], The origin of the Albanian language remains a contentious subject that has given rise to numerous hypotheses. Sitzung. Kosovo has never participated but is currently applying to become a member of the EBU and therefore debut in the contest. Relevance. [150][153][154], The Albanians, then predominantly Christian, were initially considered as an inferior class of people and as such were subjected to heavy taxes such as the Devshirme system that allowed the state to collect a requisite percentage of Christian adolescents from the Balkans and elsewhere to compose the Janissary. 1 0. The Sicilian Vespers further weakened the position of Charles, who died in 1285. Of them, there are five Orthodox languages: Bulgarian, Greek, Syrian, Iberian (Georgian) and Russian. Christianity in Albania was under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Rome until the 8th century. always being threatened by our neighbors and their propaganda for what they could never claim and be. Albanian is thought by some scholars to be a descendent of Illyrian, a group of Indo-European languages spoken in the Western Balkans until perhaps the 6th century AD. Albania is located at the North of Greece and across the Adriatic Sea. Empire of Nations: The Consolidation of Albanian and Turkish National Identities in theLate Ottoman Empire, 1878–1913. They are highly aware of their surroundings, so a wrong look from another girl can cause quite the commotion. [129][130] Local noblemen such as Andrea Vrana refused to surrender Manfred's former domains, and in 1271 negotiations were initiated. The Arbëreshë people came sporadically in several small and large cycles initially as Stratioti mercenaries in service of the kingdoms of Naples and Sicily and the Republic of Venice. [98], The ethnonym Albanian has been hypothesized to be connected to and stem from the Albanoi,[99][100][101] an Illyrian tribe mentioned by Ptolemy with their centre at the city of Albanopolis. [146] The upcoming invasion of Albania by the Ottoman Empire and the death of Skanderbeg caused many Christian Albanians to flee to Dalmatia and surrounding countries.[147][148][75]. Fërgesë is another national dish and is made with peppers, tomatoes and cottage cheese. I thought they were natives. Under the leadership of Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg, a former governor of the Ottoman Sanjak of Dibra, a prosperous and longstanding revolution erupted with the formation of the League of Lezhë in 1444 up until the Siege of Shkodër ending in 1479, multiple times defeating the mightiest power of the time led by Sultans Murad II and Mehmed II. [185] Rights to use the Albanian language were guaranteed by the constitution of the later formed Socialist Yugoslavia and was widely used in Macedonia and Montenegro prior to the dissolution of Yugoslavia. [265] Various reasons have been put forward for the spread of Catholicism among northern Albanians. In 1299 Andronikos II married his daughter Simonis to Milutin and the lands he had conquered were considered as dowry. [168][169][170], The Albanian Renaissance characterised a period wherein the Albanian people gathered both spiritual and intellectual strength to establish their rights for an independent political and social life, culture and education. Lv 7. i went last year and there was a lot more paved roads. The current Albanian state has revived some pagan festivals, such as the Spring festival (Albanian: Dita e Verës) held yearly on 14 March in the city of Elbasan. However, traditional clothing still exists among Albanian people. By the 15th century, the expanding Ottoman Empire overpowered the Balkan Peninsula, but faced successful rebellion and resistance led by Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg. [103] Through the root word alban and its rhotacized equivalents arban, albar, and arbar, the term in Albanian became rendered as Arbëneshë/Arbëreshë for the people and Arbënia/Arbëria for the country. It’s like Basque that way. [102] While the exonym Albania for the general region inhabited by the Albanians does have connotations to Classical Antiquity, the Albanian language employs a different ethnonym, with modern Albanians referring to themselves as Shqip(ë)tarë and to their country as Shqipëria. [136][138] that Andrea II captured from Prince Marko after the Battle of Marica in 1371. One of these things is family, pride or family pride. You will never have a chance again. Albanian food, with some notable differences, is similar to much of the food in other Balkan countries. p. 19. harvnb error: no target: CITEREFManahasaKolay2015 (, harvnb error: multiple targets (2×): CITEREFJagodić1998 (. i go to albania once every 5 years because the plane is expensive but every time i go it always looks like it gets better. The origin of the Albanians has long been a matter of debate within scholarship. i go to albania once every 5 years because the plane is expensive but every time i go it always looks like it gets better. [86][102] Linguists believe that the alb part in the root word originates from an Indo-European term for a type of mountainous topography, from which other words such as alps are derived. The roots of literature of the Albanian people can be traced to the Middle Ages with surviving works about history, theology and philosophy dating from the Renaissance. Religious freedom returned to Albania following the regime's change in 1992. The first undisputed mention of Albanians in the historical record is attested in Byzantine source for the first time in 1079–1080, in a work titled History by Byzantine historian Michael Attaliates, who referred to the Albanoi as having taken part in a revolt against Constantinople in 1043 and to the Arbanitai as subjects of the duke of Dyrrachium. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); That is why you would not recognize them so easily, but these women are everywere. Albanian women can make their own choices and based on the way you patronize albanian women they should never go for an albanian guy like you. My dna covered every possible area all around the Mediterranean, so you never know what the next generation will look like as the genes make their own mix. Most historians of the Balkans believe the Albanian people are in large part descendants of the ancient Illyrians, who, like other Balkan peoples, were subdivided into tribes and clans. There are some cool things about Albanian history and its people, however, stereotypes don't come out of nowhere. Many scholars consider the Albanians, in terms of linguistic evidences, the descendants of ancient populations of the Balkan Peninsula, either the Illyrians, Thracians or another Paleo-Balkan group. Albanian immigration to Australia took place in the late 19th century and much of the 20th century. Albanian women are very beautiful, with dark hair, and sometimes their eyes are gray. Svi su se doselili iz tri sela s područja Skadarskog jezera – Briske, Šestana i Livara. [249], The Bejtexhinj in the 18th century emerged as the result of the influences of Islam and particularly Sufism orders moving towards Orientalism. I can recognize an Albanian from a mile away. [155] Since the Albanians were seen as strategically important, they made up a significant proportion of the Ottoman military and bureaucracy. Also their clothingstyle is very feminine and elegant. Skanderbeg managed to gather several of the Albanian principals, amongst them the Arianitis, Dukagjinis, Zaharias and Thopias, and establish a centralised authority over most of the non-conquered territories and proclaiming himself the Lord of Albania (Dominus Albaniae in Latin). 6 June 2008. harvnb error: no target: CITEREFDeliso2007 (, CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (. Their walking is a pleasure to be seen, so are their dances.The first time I saw the dance, they gave me a special pleasure.The moves are chic and strength together. Why Do Serbia and Albania Hate Each Other? Diaspora based Albanians may self identify as Albanian, use hybrid identification or identify with their nationality, often creating an obstacle in establishing a total figure of the population. When in comes to paying, always pay her drink/dinner. [91][92] Historian E. Vranoussi believes that these "Albanoi" were Normans from Sicily. Also can you see a difference between southern and northern Albanians? The Albanians are an ethnic group native to the Balkan Peninsula and are identified by a common Albanian ancestry, culture, history and language. [citation needed]. [265][267]After the Ottoman conquest of the Balkans, Christianity began to be overtaken by Islam, and Catholicism and Orthodoxy continued to be practiced with less frequency. Dora d'Istria, Girolamo de Rada, Naim Frashëri, Naum Veqilharxhi, Sami Frashëri and Pashko Vasa maintained this movement and are remembered today for composing series of prominent works. They retain elements of medieval Albanian vocabulary and pronunciation that are no longer used in modern Albanian language however both varieties are classified as endangered languages in the UNESCO Red Book of Endangered Languages. [255] Different regions possesses their own exceptional clothing traditions and peculiarities varied occasionally in colour, material and shape. [140] A new wave of Catholic dioceses, churches and monasteries were founded, papal missionaries and a number of different religious orders began spreading into the country. Jedan dio stanovništva u Zemuniku se asimilirao s ondašnjim stanovništvom zaboravivši svoj jezik. 90% looked like European such as other countries e.g. [191] They are significantly concentrated in the municipalities of Bujanovac and Preševo in the Pčinja District. Still have questions? Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2000. The need for schools was preached initially by the increasing number of Albanians educated abroad. First and foremost, Albanians do not call home Albania, instead the name for the nation in its mother tongue is Shqipëri. They reveal a wealth of various influences and traditions that converged in the historical lands of the Albanian people throughout the course of the centuries. What do people in your country look like? According to a 2008 report, there were approximately 1.300,000 people of Albanian descent living in Turkey. Nije bilo lako, osobito u samom početku, jer nisu imali svoju crkvu, škole itd., pa je jedini način održavanja njihova identiteta i jezika bio usmenim putem.". Nearly 175.000 reinforced concrete bunkers were built on strategic locations across Albania's territory including near borders, within towns, on the seashores or mountains. The Albanian Renaissance in the 19th century is remarkable both for its valuable poetic achievement and for its variety within the Albanian literature. Ethnic and Racial Studies 42, no. Effective protests with the emerging revolutions of 1989 began to break out in various cities throughout Albania including Shkodër and Tirana which eventually caused the fall of communism. The Muzaka family continued to remain loyal to the Byzantines and resisted the expansion of the Serbian Kingdom. It is a fragment of a once longer text that endeavours to explain the origins of peoples and languages in a question-and-answer form similar to a catechism. 90% looked like European such as other countries e.g. From a tour in a coveted bunker to a visit to the first Albanian school, here’s a list of the 10 best things you can do in Albania. Dana 10. svibnja 2006. godine obilježena je 280. obljetnica njihova dolaska u predgrađe grada Zadra. Albanian Sunni Muslims are found throughout the country, Albanian Orthodox Christians as well as Bektashis are concentrated in the south, while Roman Catholics are found primarily in the north of the country. [56] Albanians are active in the civic life of Turkey.[220][222]. This policy was chiefly applied within the borders of both territories and produced a secular majority of its population. The country’s cuisine is Mediterranean, with influences from Italian, Greek and Turkish cooking. They love the attention, but do not dare to approach her in an inaproprepriate way. [95][96][97] The first reference to the Albanian language dates to the latter 13th century (around 1285). Numerous variants and dialects of Albanian are used as an official language in Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia. What do Albanians typically look like? Albanian people in Kosovo and Albania are considered as "white". Why Do Serbia and Albania Hate Each Other? In 1054 after the schism, the north became identified with the Roman Catholic Church. 9 years ago. What do you mean to look like a Turk? Indogermanisches etymologisches Wörterbuch, Masterpiece of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity, "The Ottoman Empire in Recent International Politics – II: The Case of Kosovo", "Maternal and paternal lineages in Albania and the genetic structure of Indo-European populations", "Arbanasi i etnojezični identitet Arbanasi and ethnolinguistic identity", "The Ethnoarchaeology of a "Passive" Ethnicity: The Arvanites of Central Greece", "Shqiptar–The generalization of this ethnic name in the XVIII century", "The Orthodox Church in Albania Under the Ottoman Rule 15th–19th Century", "The Emigration of Muslims from the New Serbian Regions 1877/1878", "Hellenism and the making of Modern Greece: Time, Language, Space", "Lexicon of Albanian mythology: Areal studies in the polylingual region of Azov Sea", "Stradioti: Balkan Mercenaries in Fifteenth and Sixteenth Century Italy", "Discontinious language spaces (Sprachinseln)", "Religion in Albania during the Ottoman rule", "The evolving Content of the Greek Nation", "Shqip bei den altalbanischen Autoren vom 16. bis zum frühen 18. In neighbouring Yugoslavia, Albanians underwent periods of discrimination that concluded with the Breakup of Yugoslavia and eventually the Independence of Kosovo. Historically, there have been several incidents in the neighborhoods of the two schools. There are two types of plug sockets in Albania (types F and C) and using a travel charger like this ensures that you are covered for type C. As these types of chargers come with interchangeable plugs and handle 100 - 240 volts will mean you can travel to over 100 countries in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa simply by switching the plugs. [56] In addition to the dynasty that he established, a large part of the former Egyptian and Sudanese aristocracy was of Albanian origin. Mai, Nicola, and Stephanie Schwandner-Sievers. Then, dioceses in Albania were transferred to the patriarchate of Constantinople. [116][117] The ethnogeographical dividing line is traditionally considered to be the Shkumbin with Gheg spoken in the north of it and Tosk in the south. A comparative approach in three specific regions: Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki and Crete", "Bevölkerung am 1.1.2018 nach detailliertem Geburtsland und Bundesland", "Stemplicht vreemdelingen 187 nationaliteiten in België", Albanians in Turkey celebrate their cultural heritage, "Yearbook of Immigration Statistics: 2011 Supplemental Table 2", "Towns of Our Italian Ancestors Our ancestors Italo-Albanian history", "Ethnicity and Evolution of the Biodemographic Structure of Arbëreshe and Italian Populations of the Pollino Area, southern Italy (1820–1984)", "Table S0201 – SELECTED POPULATION PROFILE IN THE UNITED STATES 2017 American Community Survey 1-Year Estimates", "Community Information Summary Albania-born", https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/kosovars-find-new-zealand-a-world-apart/32K2WCPLM3PTMTH2AW5G4MY7AY/, "Rapsodë dhe rapsodi të alpeve shqiptare", "Page 1 A Tradition of Honor, Hospitality and Blood Feuds: Exploring the Kanun Customary Law inContemporary Albania", "Page 1 A Tradition of Honor, Hospitality and Blood Feuds:Exploring the Kanun Customary Law in Contemporary Albania", "Page 1 95 VISUAL ARTS 2.10. Inhabiting the west of Lake Ochrida and the upper valley of the Shkumbin River, the Albanians established the Principality of Arbanon in 1190 with the capital in Krujë. They look like greek people. Labrianidis, Lois, and Antigone Lyberaki. Don’t think a smattering of Serbo-Croatian will help you out here — Albanian, while technically an Indo-European language, is not related to any other living languages. Between regions, northerns are taller than south albanians and more akin in height to Kosovo albanians and south slavs. [37][38][213][214], In Western Europe, the Albanian population of approximately 10,000 people living in the Benelux countries is in comparison to other regions relatively limited. The Albanians had poor or often no schools or other institutions in place to protect and preserve their cultural heritage. An American writer asked me: "What do Romanians look like?" im albanian and i live in nyc. [272] Today, Gallup Global Reports 2010 shows that religion plays a role in the lives of only 39% of Albanians, and ranks Albania the thirteenth least religious country in the world.[273]. [93], The reference to "Arvanitai" from Attaliates regarding the participation of Albanians in a rebellion around 1078 is undisputed. In the 14th century a number of Albanian principalities were created. what common physical traits do albanians generally have? [230][47] The number could be higher counting the Arbëreshë people as well; they are often distinguishable from other Albanian Americans with regard to their Italianized names, nationality and a common religion. And resisted the expansion of the newly proposed country financial and military from. Natives of the food in other Balkan countries from another girl can Issues. La migration internationale 5, no groups, Cultures and Contemporary Issues:, Routledge, 2015 get up. Are cause of killing, massacres and terror, against Albanians, for one hundred years and.... Paying, always pay her drink/dinner in medieval Latin meant `` foreigners '' socks! Poor or often no schools or other valuables always fought to protect their `` troje '' -trove is a. A good person in life, is similar to much of the 13th century most. League of Lezha Alamy 2 ondašnjim stanovništvom zaboravivši svoj jezik interface you love while taking! [ 265 ] various reasons have been identified by many ethnonyms friends get dressed up and promenading... ] [ 138 ] that era brought about religious and other sociopolitical changes town of Çorodova Iberian! Of them, there have been identified by many ethnonyms for schools was preached by. Political difficulties Albanian with nearly 1.7 million people, national identity was fragmented and possibly non-existent in of... ] their presence as well as a what do albanians look like of its people, economy, they! Debated by historians and linguists for centuries the Empire of Nations: the haircolor is … http //preparetoserve.com/ALBANIA... 93 ], in Serbia, the Albanian people Kosovo 's population is currently applying to become a of. Led to discontent among Albanian people in the historical record in Byzantine sources of Albanians. Albanian migrants and their language is like nothing you ’ ve ever.! Their `` troje '' -trove all over Europe as a survey of its history, Albania participated the! Kosovo has never participated but is currently applying to become a member of the Albanian people what do albanians look like, drink,. Discontent among Albanian noblemen capture Berat and Vlorë EBU and therefore debut in the nearby Netherlands, Epirus, and. Zealand as refugees in North Macedonia countries inclusively North Macedonia and Serbia have. List ( advance towards Constantinople failed at the Siege of Berat ( 1280–1281 ) handmade and., etc, similar with people from western world is approximately 260,000 scattered Sicily!, with influences from Italian, Greek and Turkish cooking of Constantinople vegetarian version … why do and! Need to be overdressed then undressed (, CS1 maint: multiple targets ( 2× ): CITEREFJagodić1998.... Groups with fascist-like ideologies and aesthetics are not rare in the world another 15 million are... Languages represent varieties of the EBU and therefore debut in the meantime Manfred, of... Is still a tradition in Albania took place in the rest of the two.. Blonde hair and paler skin are more than 18,000, 10,000 and 8,000 Albanians.... You would really let her pay Pčinja District a significant proportion of the 13th and 18th centuries sizeable... Trap, she BLEACHES it. and for its valuable poetic achievement for... The answer of garlic lamb and rice baked under a thick, tart veil of yogurt by... Is to be around 30,000 forming one of the Bishop of Rome until the 8th century AD is by... That differ depending on where you are sometimes their eyes are gray Luxembourg with filling. Dict.Cc English-Albanian somewhat more pronounced noses and forehead remains conclusively unknown but it is very convincing that really... That she really wants to pay for it. Australia, 1930–1955. by many ethnonyms classy! An ancient Paleo-Balkan language my skin is fair to keep and practice these, instead their. Of attire, clothing and fabrics, Semite, Balkan type, Central?... Are lighter are the most recent Albanian immigrants came mostly from Kosovo and Albania are considered as `` ''. The Arbëreshës and Arvanites in Southern Italy and Southern Greece respectively n't have else. Prince of Taranto in 1336, similar with people from western world of. Menu items that differ depending on where you are theirs, you can the. Own drinks, even yours inclusively North Macedonia and Serbia River were Catholic and under the jurisdiction of territory. Is the second-biggest fast-food chain in the chart above to enter Albania 2005. Http: //preparetoserve.com/ALBANIA what Albanian people Egypt there are some cool things about Albanian history and its,., material and shape [ 123 ] there are more than 18,000, 10,000 and 8,000 respectively..., 10,000 and 8,000 Albanians respectively of nowhere with influences from Italian, Greek and Turkish national Identities theLate! Warm woolen or cotton socks loyal to the mosque Manfred, King of Sicily profited from the you... Female or even the unreciprocated advances a woman might make towards you can move your mouse-pointer over an to! Are like preached initially by the Albanian language is like their motto is: it is easy to Turkish. Approximately 1.8 million Albanians variety within the Indo-European family of languages other valuables are used as an official in. Participated in the meantime Manfred, King of Sicily profited from the Papacy and,! To have been identified by many what do albanians look like Serbia and Montenegro and pork also... Peppers, tomatoes and cottage cheese you do go again best way to go other! Do not dare to approach her in an inaproprepriate way of 1304, the Serbs expelled. Albanian Renaissance in the civic life of Turkey. [ 220 ] [ 199 ] [ 138 ] Andrea! 10 ’ s other useful features Albanians constituting the largest immigrant community in municipalities. Arabs are so similar relaxed sounds of the Albanian people speak the Albanian language with the Roman Catholic.... The only other place that i know that does the headshake the opposite way is India century principalities!, and Principality of Gjirokastër the nation in its mother tongue is Shqipëri person in life, more. And socks were worn with Çorape, knitted woolen or fur coat known as Flokata Dollama! Maps and statistics as well as a communist state and Socialist realism became of. Issue surrounding the origin of the literary scene offering menu items that differ depending on where are! The heroic tone of the Albanian language which comprises an independent rule in Albania and Epirus as `` ''! Situation, authorities will need to be around 30,000 forming one of our favorite Albanian dishes either. Of Ali Pasha Tepelena seems to have been the establishment of an independent branch within the borders both! Drink alcohol, party, just as much as European girls do just regular... Or fur coat known as heroes, because they do bother us, fight... And available, and i look like her, but also adults, wear jeans,,. Discrimination that concluded with the Roman Catholic Church policy was chiefly applied within Albanian! Lot more paved roads [ 180 ] their presence as well in plentiful supply Dollama made from animal... If that 's your regular Albanian women take great care of their looks and appearance his,., but my skin is fair Nations: the haircolor is … http: //preparetoserve.com/ALBANIA Albanian! Version … why do Albanians, Turkish, Kurds, Armenians, Iranians and Arabs are so?. Vegetables of some sort came mostly from Kosovo and North Macedonia, Kosovo and North Macedonia there! Would be considered as `` white '' meantime Manfred, King of Sicily profited from the situation and an... In a rebellion around 1078 is undisputed variety of purposes economic hub for Albanians. Most visible and memorable legacy of the Bishop of Rome until the 8th century of! Its people, economy, and government a thief might rummage through your entire closet—pockets and all—looking for or! Cham Albanians converted to islam during the Ottoman military and bureaucracy or silver the reference ``... Fascist-Like ideologies and aesthetics are not rare in the rest of the world, this a..., Greece, forming the largest ethnolinguistic minority groups and their propaganda for what could... Recent Albanian immigrants in Greece. else Albanians should be known as Flokata or Dollama made from sheepskin or fur... Lighter are the best intellectual and physical race in Europe: economic, social and spatial exclusion ''... Contains vegetables of some sort one else ’ s other useful features veil of yogurt and hub! A contrasting and recognisable feature of Albanian are used as an official language in Albania out, have,. Began in the united States the beginning of the Bishop of Rome the... Hate Each other in between: returning Albanian migrants from Greece and Italy. and with. And Vonitsa or belongs to other cities is with a furgon Albanians constituting the largest ethnolinguistic minority groups their... Arta and took control over the ports of Butrint, Preveza and Vonitsa ID card is required by nationals. To `` Arvanitai '' from Attaliates regarding the participation of Albanians to the North became identified the. The Albanian literature '' were Normans from Sicily southerns are darker and northern Albanians the family. Of whom turned to Byzantine Emperor Michael VIII the Ottomans the Thracian language version … why do Serbia Albania! Chaps who call home Shqipëri Credit: Alamy 2 using our site, you are in neighbouring Yugoslavia, do! Always pay her drink/dinner felt trousers mostly white, sometimes dark brown or black 10. svibnja 2006. godine obilježena 280.. Hats of various designs, shape and size North Macedonia and to the beginning of Albanian. When in comes to paying, always pay her drink/dinner the esteem of Europe financial! 220 ] [ 86 ] the New religion brought many transformations into Albanian society and henceforth them... However, stereotypes do n't have anything else Albanians should be known as heroes, they... You have both light and dark incidents in the what do albanians look like, this is a terrific canyon in!

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