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Let’s get to those lovely charts. That’s just my own personal preference, of course, and there will no doubt be some of you who don’t think that extra £30 / $30 is really worth it at this resolution. And that’s fine. The GTX graphics cards, including the 16-series, can perform ray-tracing calculations, but without high levels of general compute performance (like a 1080 Ti has, for example), it’s largely unplayable. For instance, I’m not sure I’d be able to tell the difference between, say, 48fps and 52fps in Total War: Three Kingdoms, nor would I be able to tell if the Super’s average of 42fps in Metro Exodus was necessarily smoother than the Ti’s 45fps average. Also like that particular test, I’ve only focused on 1920×1080 and 2560×1440 resolutions this time round, because, let’s face it, these cards are in no way intended to be 4K GPUs. The RTX 2060 is the most straightforward of the three with Nvidia’s Founders Edition acting as a firm baseline. What they can do, though, is take advantage of other Nvidia driver-level features. What’s more, the differences between some of these frame rates are actually pretty small. DLSS (deep learning super sampling) is also off the table with these cards, as they lack the Tensor cores to support it. However, High is where the GTX 1660 Ti has always been most comfortable at this resolution (which is why it’s also the card I think you ‘should actually buy’ for 1440p), and I think it still maintains enough of a lead here to warrant spending just that little bit extra. All three of the 1660s fully support this. The various factory overclocked and cooled versions of each card may even things out on a pricing scale, but the GTX 1660 Super eats into the 1660 Ti’s market considerably, giving it little room to breathe. GTX 1660 SUPER vs GTX 1660 TI. It may not be that much faster than the GTX 1660 Super right now, but as games start to get more and more demanding, it’s the Ti, not the Super, that’s going to be the card that lets you keep gaming at those higher quality settings for longer. The Nvidia GTX 1660 Super launched on October 29 and was designed to sit in between the two existing 1660 cards in both price and performance. In all honesty, though, now isn’t really the best time to be buying a new graphics card full stop. Close. The 5600xt is slightly better than the 1660 Ti (some may even argue that the 1660 Ti … After all, when you’re dealing with that sensitive 35-50fps zone, even small jumps in performance can have a noticeable impact on your overall perception of the game’s speed. It’s a teensy bit faster than its non-Super sibling, the regular old GTX 1660, but not quite fast enough to really a proper impact on your minute-to-minute gaming performance. 5.48 TFLOPS vs 5.027 TFLOPS Because its performance is so close, we’d expect most gamers to be able to eliminate that gap with a little overclocking. So I've recently gotten a gaming computer and wanted to replace the old graphics card in it, and I was … AMD just unveiled its high-end RX 6000 GPUs, and Nvidia is working to replenish stock of the RTX 3080 and 3090. Best Warzone loadout for Season 6. As such, I haven’t included any 4K results here. MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1660 Super 192-bit HDMI/DP 6GB GDRR6 HDCP Support DirectX 12 Dual Fan VR Ready OC Graphics Card (GTX 1660 Super Gaming X) $549.94 Get the deal Best Minecraft shaders for 1.16.3 But given the GTX 1660 was already pretty close in speed to its more expensive cousin, the GTX 1660 Ti, is the GTX 1660 Super actually a way of getting Ti levels of power on the cheap? MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1660 Super 192-bit HDMI/DP 6GB GDRR6 HDCP Support DirectX 12 Dual Fan VR Ready OC Graphics Card (GTX 1660 Super VENTUS XS OC) $499.97 Get the deal Deals The 1660 super made the TI irrelevant. That means we’re almost always going to recommend the Super over the standard 1660. Again, the GTX 1660 Ti isn’t really an Ultra-grade graphics card at this resolution, but that extra 5-7fps or so you get from games such as The Witcher III and Monster Hunter: World are just about big enough to register.

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