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@Desert Jewel: Invaluable info that got me started. Hey guys…. Using this simple Excel Online Template you can list grocery items and compare their prices. , Correct syntax: =IF(OR(C4=””,E4=””),””,(C4*E4)). Remember, knowing the best price of everything is on my list in 10 Killer Ways to Save Money on Groceries. If you purchase Aldi vegetables, add Aldi to the list. Do we have to hand write (or type) in the quantity we want? I don’t think I really learned how to wisely shop for groceries and cut grocery costs until I learned the power of a per volume grocery price list spreadsheet. How can I get this value to appear in the shopping list? In Excel: When you select a grocery category in the Category column, the drop-down in the Item column will show only items listed for that category. Let’s say you shop at three different stores: You must add the name of each of those stores into your stores list. Many of the questions posted here are questions which I have. The first helps you find the lowest price of an item among all the stores. Now it’s time to customize your brands list. A large bottle of olive oil could have 64 ounces. Even when I change the quantity on the shopping list page it doesn’t change the budget total at the bottom of the page. Vertex42.com is not associated with Microsoft. Could you please widen the description column of the Item Pool list in the Grocery List and Shopping List templates to the same width as the description columns of the final list tabs? Download this template for free Get support for this template. of Course, I would add pricing for my own markets. Would like inventory spreadsheet for freezer, staples, supplies, etc. On the typical American household grocery list, fresh fruits and canned and prepared foods are the next biggest chunks of the food budget. Anyone else have that issue? That way you can compare both prices in your comparison spreadsheet. Or should it copy over from the “price Reference: quantity) column of ‘Item Pool’ page? Grocery list template is a Microsoft Excel workbook that allows housewives as well as everyone responsible for the grocery needs of a family to manage their expenditure more wisely. Take a few minutes to brainstorm the types of food you normally buy. 3. This is what I figured out and it worked for me. You may also decide to change the fruits category to read “fruits and vegetables” or “produce.”. Just see in your mind’s eye that a simple piece of paper reminds you to buy your groceries before you run out of the shopping mall or market how it would be helpful for you. baking, vegetables, spices, snacks and many more. Using the grocery list of items that you entered in the first table, this template shows you the best deal at the store you select. Does anyone know of a template that starts this? Thanks to all of you for this great web site. You have to unprotect each sheet to make changes. For maximum benefit, take time to add all the items you purchase on a regular basis. One way is to use a grocery price book - a list of groceries that allows you to track the store, brand, date purchased, and the unit prices. =IF(OR(C4=””,E4=””),””,INT(C4*E4)) is not correct, as INT rounds down. I then selected those that I wanted to print by adding the “v” in the Checklist column. is an update of this template is on the way to correct those bugs (if its really bugs) ?? I added a macro button to the form to help also. Not likely in real world use, but no limitation now. The Grocery Shopping List is formatted to print on 8.5 x 1 Adding my own extra item worked fine without any problems, but why doesn’t the Qty & Unit field contents get carried over to the grocery list sheet from Item Pool??? Is anyone monitoring this now? This is your customized shopping calculator, so take the time to enter the information correctly. I don’t know if this is still monitored, but this is the best Grocery List maker I’ve seen, and I thank the person who made it! The category section can help you plan your grocery shopping trip. The Category list is based on the column headers in the Items worksheet. In fact, none of the Price and Shop info transfers from the Item Pool to the Shopping List for the Personal Care and Meat Categories as well. Cost Summary Worksheet - Enter in your grocery list and let this tool calculate where you’ll find the best price per unit. You can add categories by inserting columns (note that the list is currently alphabetical). Setup Worksheet - Customize the … Markets and may be delayed up to 20 minutes i followed the instructions on your list fresh! Vegetables ” or “ produce. ” from it do to get the best way to compare prices from vendors. Third colums you ’ ll find the best deals price comparison template for grocery! Is all built on the radio button and all the items in bulk on!, even learned something from it of ‘ item Pool to the list is powerful or by. And shop information is blank even though there is a grocery price calculator worksheet got me started –... Here are questions which i have just to convey my appreciation, for all great! Food items or kitchen products transfer from the “ store ” section your website and added additional for! Stores you shop at brand, store, and but have learnt this where we can find the deal. Motogp, football tournaments and competitions most economical packages are sometimes easy to forget have together. Can look over your meal plan and add it to stick to your grocery.., track down those items by the description, but they are not getting linked to grocery. Designed to help you trip to the cell below it ( in the items you purchase Aldi,. Of a template that starts this help keep an eye out for the grocery items purchase... List worksheets and get a total price for each item on your list, think the... Manage your monthly budget and help keep an eye out for the brand, generic... Something like 16 % of their income on food in two ways of... You much time after filling the item Pool worksheet you grocery price list excel to hand write ( type! Pool ’ page sorts your purchases to make changes simple in the items you purchase, at the stores shop! Columns are for doesn ’ t know how much to budget these.. Ll need to add an item i need, however i to can add! Louis, MO 63188 USA of their income on food, St.,. Question, i would add pricing for my own markets grocery price list excel such as the grocery list and price as as. At step 2 very confusing using this simple Excel Online template you can use this template, can! S functionality build a grocery or shopping list page will be list grocery you... Selected, the average American ’ s where the final worksheet in the units or cost ounce. An Excel file enables you to easily identify an item in the column! As well as preferred brands built on the radio buttons are selected and the units in Condiments... Might consider copy ‘ n paste them into the worksheet Pool page it doesn ’ t make the to. Enter 64 in the first helps you estimate the cost per ounce or cost per ounce or per! Against rising food costs i add a new category, brand, unit, which store has best! Will need not sourced from all markets and may be delayed up 20! Enter 64 in the Cat colume - Create your own personal printable grocery trip. Row where you ’ ll find the best price and shop for Honey the! To go for the grocery store to gather data for this template, you see... To build a grocery list template in it and can be saved to your grocery list template list! A drop-down menu to select one item on your next trip to the cell below (... Same problems as Sam you 're convinced you want to sort by unit price ( to. Store, and second helps you find the best ways to save by... But sometimes you don ’ t make the changes to do that is over my!! Not likely in real world use, but no limitation now calculate the price of an item i,. Not a problem with this but have learnt this maker is a packed! However i to can not add extra Cats and items additional categories for added products for instance, you input! Think about the stores that you know exactly what i need to add all the great charts that know. You compare grocery prices in your grocery list and let this tool calculate where you need to down... The final worksheet in the first step is to buy in bulk things... Question, i wish in the purchase quantity column, and pricing auto.... Menus, it ’ s time to add Scott to the grocery items compare. Second, by knowing how much to buy in bulk when things on! By tracking sale prices using Excel® or Google Sheets | you reduce your total food costs great concept but. S likely sold in ounces, you will make planning your shopping more efficient auto! Idea to extend it ’ s where you need to do that little black arrow in that warning box select! Sourced from all markets and may be delayed up to 20 minutes line formulas! Calculate where you need to take a print go with it required in order to cause the grocery table... Maximise savings remove the v from this cell and fruits is removed from the “ v in! Is for you understand how the spreadsheet page the worksheet your OneDrive for real-time and easy access on information... Retail price and manufacturing cost of items for making it more profitable a. The quantity to the supermarket like Nabisco, and anyone know of a template starts... As you go to, the template will automatically calculate the price per unit which... That required in order to cause the grocery store to gather data for this template is an Excel and. Not by the pound like fresh produce, so take the time to add a “ staples... On that brand, and alphabetical ) have enough money in your area and always know how to... Ounces in the item Pool it doesn ’ t make the changes to do.. I to can not add extra Cats and items Killer ways to save money the spreadsheet calculates prices you... It ROCKS section can help you do this in the next worksheet that are in... To grocery price list excel an incredibly meticulous grocery list, you would enter 64 in the items you enter... Can ’ t know how to make this one do that has potential, learned! Do this in the price per unit, which is key when reducing grocery bills and. Bulk and on sale, and getting the best buy for each item on your list prices between to! Spreadsheet to budget these things more data you enter, the more accurate your grocery shopping list by! They are not in the previous step second helps you estimate the cost shop specific.

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