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Your investment will be refunded after 5 … You will need to invest at least EURO 250,000 in a property and be one of the first 800 applicants. The Latvian residence, amicably called the Latvian Golden Visa, offers the cheapest residency by investment in Europe. Latvia Permanent Residency for Investor. We suggest to invest in LatviaPlus and try to run your own business separately. Get Latvia Golden Visa by investing €250,000 into property. After ten years of legal residence it is possible to apply for Latvian citizenship (EU citizenship). As a Latvian resident, your children will have free access to the Latvian education system from nursery to the university. The Latvia RBI program provides a 5-year resident permit to approved applicants, after which they can apply for permanent residence. You invest your money in the equity capital of a trusted company (we suggest Latvindia) for 5 years. The associated expenses can be paid in stages over the course of five years. RCP is a leading independent immigration service firm, offering the best residency and citizenship by investment options in Europe. You will have visa-free access to all 26 countries of the Schengen zone, access to state education and health care in Latvia… Top floor flats have access to large roof terrace, while ground floor residents have an advantage of their own private gardens. Latvia PR by Business Investment. Safe investment with profit 2. You miss the cheapest European residence permit, You should invest €50,000 in a Latvian company; we suggest. Residence by investment – live, work and study in the country of your choice and get a second passport. Latvia, a small Baltic country with a full EU and Schengen zone membership, offers an uncomplicated investment residency program for yourself and your family. Yes, you get back your 50,000 euro investment after 5 years, or you can keep your investment for another 5 years. The living room windows face the sun-filled terrace, while the space facing the courtyard adjoins the sauna building and outdoor pool. For many years Imperial & Legal is the go-to experts for all the things you need when moving to another country. We prepare the application form and other governmental documents. Our legal advisers are committed to providing customised solutions for your global needs. The residence permit is granted by the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs in Latvia (OCMA). As a “Plan B” destination, the Latvian program is attractive for a range of reasons: The application process is fast; residency rights can be obtained in 3 months from making an eligible investment. Once you have decided to start your Latvian business investment, you have to sign a contract with us and transfer the first instalment of the administration fee. business day. This is not an easy requirement for a new company. NEW LIFE — If you settle and live in Latvia, Latvindia can provide you with a loan of maximum 40,000 euro. Please fill the form below to make an appointment. If you wish to sell your flat later, rising housing prices will make sure you capitalise on your investment. Latvia’s business migration program was introduced in July 2010. You can send an invitation letter to facilitate Schengen visa. Click the Play button and play in full screen. Latvia offers residence permits to those who invest in the country. European But Not EU Member States’ Residency by Investment Programs FREE RENEWAL — Guaranteed refund of the invested 50,000 euro, with free yearly registration and a free renewal after 5 years. Make sure you fulfil other requirements as well: We will help you obtain Latvia Golden visa, relocate to Latvia or simply get your ticket to Europe. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality of property you can buy in Latvia for €250,000. You may deposit 280,000 euro as a subordinate liability in a Latvian bank, and pay the government fee. get back to you today or the next First of all, LatviaPlus is not the usual business venture. If you want to become a resident of Latvia, then you can invest €500,000 in property, pay roughly €25,000 in processing fees, and fill out a couple of forms to get your five-year residence permit. The application process for residence takes 30–90 days. It is possible to receive residence permit for up to 5 years in Latvia and for up to 1 year in … Baltic Legal offers useful advice and high quality legal support for obtaining temporal residence permit in Latvia and Lithuania through investments. We will contact you back to confirm your consultation. Latvindia helps you to find a job, rent a flat, and find a school for your children. You invest in the equity capital of the company; thus, you will be a shareholder of the company. I. We use cookies on this site to ensure the most desirable user experience. All dependent family members can apply for Latvia Residence Permit together with the main applicant. Latvia residence by investment. Investors can gain a five year residency permit by investing €250,000 in property. Наш специалист свяжется с вами сегодня или на следующий рабочий день. See the official Latvian government website. If you live in Latvia for 5 years, you can apply for permanent residency (Latvia PR). If you want to get a residence permit in Latvia, you have to meet certain conditions in order to qualify. The Latvian real estate market is full of properties for any taste and budget. In 2018 there were just 82 applications for temporary residency permits in Latvia. We offer personalised and confidential solutions for obtaining second citizenship by investment in the country of your choice. Though Latvia might not be the first country that would come to your mind when choosing a residence destination, we’ll tell you why it’s worth considering it. The company issues the invitation letter, which is required at the application. Simply put, Golden Visas are European residence by investment programs that let an individual obtain a temporary or permanent residence permit in the given country. Will I be the owner of the company I invest? Acquisition of a residence permit based on investment a Latvian bank is often a superior option for those who are looking to obtain a residence permit while ensuring a stable investment with a guaranteed return, rather than exposing themselves to the possible variable gains sometimes seen when investing in real estate. In September 2014, Immigration Law amendments increased the threshold for obtaining a residence permit and introduced other conditions and costs, if a foreigner’s real estate was registered in the Land Register after September 1, 2014: Minimum transaction value of real estate located anywhere in Latvia must be €250,000. Minimum investment $100,000. If you live in Latvia for 10 years, you can apply for citizenship, and you will be an EU citizen. You will get an easy to understand overview and all details of getting a Latvian residence permit by investing 50,000 euro in a Latvian company. As we have received many requests to help immigration to Latvia, we created a project to facilitate the settlement of investors in Latvia. Its main activity is to treasure the funds of the investors. We offer you 3 investment options with different benefits: Invest at least €250,000 in one or two properties depending on the location. Immigration - Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia. Support for education of your children in Latvia. It wasn’t that there weren’t enough properties to go around; Riga’s steeple-studded skyline is once again dotted with cranes. And don’t forget that you are not only buying a home for yourself and your family in a beautiful country; this investment will secure your future as it will help you get Latvia permanent residence and a European passport. Residence permit in Latvia based on financial investment in a Latvian bank. After a further 5 years of holding permanent residence, they become eligible for Latvian citizenship. limited liability or joint stock company), establishing a new capital company or investing in subordinate obligations with a Latvian credit institution (i.e. A minimum investment of EUR 50,000 is required to receive temporary residence permit (5 years) in Latvia. As a result, you may move to another EU country, you can live, study and work in that country, like Germany or Netherlands. Pay an all-inclusive administration fee depending on your family size. A residence permit is a document providing a foreigner the rights to reside in the Republic of Latvia for a definite period of time (a temporary residence permit) or permanently (a permanent residence permit). Invest 50,000 euro in a Latvian company You can invest in Latvindia project, which guarantees your investment. Living there is affordable; however, it is not at the expense of the quality. To be eligible the main applicant must be 18 and older. However, your startup company should pay at least 40,000 euro tax every year. Мы перезвоним и подтвердим вашу запись. Neither would you be asked to attend an interview or prove your knowledge of the Latvian language. Latvian residency is especially attractive as it provides visa-free access to Schengen Area member states and facilitates visa application to other developed countries. Dividends received by individuals are taxed at 10 %. The Latvia Immigrant Investor Program offers 4 investment options including a real estate investment option. The new limit introduced in 2014 applies to the first 800 applicants. The Latvian bank deposit is a safe and profitable investment option. Apart from that, you must also pass the Latvian language test, have knowledge of general history of the country and know the National anthem. As Latvia is part of the Schengen zone of Europe, your residence card allows you to travel freely throughout Europe without the need for a Schengen visa. It contains our professional fee and all costs emerging in Latvia. Latvia residence by investment is ideal solution for those who wish to relocate or travel in Europe visa-free. After that the investment limit rises to €500,000. Latvia has the oldest and longest running a residence by investment schemes in Europe since 2010 for HNW families. Detailed information on how we process your data can be found on our privacy policy. Other options are also available: real estate, government bonds, and bank deposit investments. Will I get back my investment after 5 years? You and all of your family members, included in your application, should travel to Latvia to obtain the residence permit cards. Residence permit in Latvia. LatviaPlus has no chance for bankruptcy. Incorporation of a company and investment … Benefits of Latvia Residence Permit. This magnificent Art Deco villa was designed keeping the functionalism style of Mezaparks architecture in mind. Contact us for the details. On 1 July 2010, the amendments to the Immigration Law of the Republic of Latvia came into force expanding the possibilities to obtain a residence permit in Latvia for foreigners who want to stay and move freely within the Schengen area. Cadastral value of the property must be at least €80,000. You should collect and legalise all the required documents (see above). We provide immigration, taxation and relocation advice, and much more. According to Section 24 of the Immigration Law, a foreigner who has continuously resided in Latvia with a valid temporary residence permit for a period of more than five years can apply for a Permanent Residence Permit. Collect the documents Latvia residence by investment program was launched in 2010 in order to attract foreign investors. There are the following legal ways to get residence permit in Latvia: Labor contract with a Latvian company (Our Company does not provide services of job placement). Authorised & Regulated by OISC, F201700041, UK is named the best investment destination in the world, Road is still open for investors and businessmen to come to the UK, Property in Antigua – a home where the sun always shines, The island of St Kitts. At the time of writing the homepage of Latio, one of the leading Latvian realtors, boasts around 1,300 advertisements which would allow buyers to qualify for a Golden Visa. Upon investing in the equity capital of one capital company, a temporary residence permit shall be issued to no more than 10 foreigners, if each of them has made the aforementioned investment. The Latvian business investment option is the only EU residence permit costing less than 100,000 USD. You can also for long term resident of European Union status after 5 years of living in Latvia. Latvia provides the cheapest investment option to immigrate to Europe. About 150 m2 of high-quality living in the city centre, close to all the amenities, schools and shops. The amendments to the Immigration Law allowed third-country national investors to obtain temporary residence permits after purchasing real estate in Latvia, investing into the equity capital of a capital company (i.e. Get EU passport in 6 months and enjoy high standards of education and healthcare, benefit from favourable taxation and visa-free travel. It will be ready for you and your whole family to move in and enjoy the high standards of design and finishes. The reason is non-competitive conditions compared to the gold visas of Portugal, Greece and Spain. Pay a government fee of €10,000 AFTER the approval of your application. Наш специалист ответит вам сегодня или на следующий рабочий день. A residence permit is issued by the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs in Latvia (OCMA). Investment. Available funds to maintain yourself and your family. You and your family do not have to live in Europe prior to applying for Latvia residence permit. 1. LATVIA PERMANENT RESIDENCY: Methods of Investment for Permanent residence permit: - Real estate investment for 250,000 Euros plus a one-time payment of 5% of the purchase price to the state budget - Investment of 280,000 Euros in the subordinated capital of a Latvian Bank for 5 years

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