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Be the first to receive your regular dose of Brand Fabrik. To date, their energy management services have saved over 1.5 billion KwH, equivalent to taking over 222,600 cars off the road for a year. Want more branding tips? Recycled paper is a cheaper option in many parts of the world for instance. Native Shoes shows that doing good for the environment can also be good for your mental health while taking small steps toward positive change. Your commitment to sustainable practices will show your consumers that you’re not just interested in profits. Here are the best eco-friendly beauty brands to get your hands on. Consider doing the same with your company’s merchandise! TOMS is one of the best-known eco friendly companies in the world. The best eco-friendly trainers that won't cost the earth The vegan grooming products that feel good (and do good) Best sustainable fashion brands every GQ reader should know For example, if you own a small printing company, you might offer a discount to your customers who print on recycled paper. However, Apple’s 2019 progress report shows that the best sustainable companies can come from any sector. The best sustainable companies are often those that can introduce their customers to a new way of living that suits their values and expectations. They were inspired by the 60,000+ plastic phone cases which are thrown away each year and have developed the first phone case that’s 100% biodegradable. How to adjust your tone of voice in a crisis. After all, aside from contributing to a healthier planet, businesses are also discovering that an eco friendly strategy also gives them the power they need to grow and thrive in a new marketplace. Let’s take a look at 11 eco-friendly brands that are positively affecting our planet and finding huge commercial success in the process. Thinx crafts their undies carefully and consciously, from their sustainable manufacturing processes to the ethical working conditions where they are made. In addition to that TOMS also offers clean drinking water, eye services, safe birth kits, and more to communities around the globe. These finds are good for your closet and even better for the environment. Eco-friendly makeup brands such as Vapour makes me feel guilty about using products using synthetic chemicals because seriously, people at Vapour seem to blur the lines between art and eco-consciousness, even using solar and wind power in their laboratory to manufacture their products. However, the truth is that committing to sustainable practices can have a beneficial impact on your bottom line. Their brand also helps by educating the local community about ecologically conscious lifestyles. A look at how 13 sustainable jewelry brands are working toward a smaller environmental footprint now and their plans for the future too. If you want to take a similar approach with your sustainability strategy, consider teaming up with a non-profit so you can give a portion of your proceeds to a cause that you care about. Meat production does have a severe impact on the environment – whether you like it or not. The Beyond Meat company even teams up with other eco friendly brands like Subway and Dunkin’ Donuts to bring more of its products to consumers. Disposable plastic straws are harmful to our environment. In fact, there are hundreds of burgeoning beauty brands who are doing eco-friendly beauty right, but just aren't as big yet. Pela is driven by their mission to create a waste-free future. Indeed, one of the biggest benefits of green initiatives for environmentally sustainable companies, is a greater ability to appeal to millennials. Create a winning strategy and visual identity. The ones below have all made the wise investment to align themselves with eco-friendly ingredients, practices and manufacturing. From luxury brands to the coziest sweats, here are our favorite eco-friendly brands that are saving the planet. Say you own a surf shop. We only recommend brands that we truly believe in. Ikea. Fortunately, there are plenty of brands making eco-friendly, sustainable, and animal-free socks. }, false ); Brand Fabrik provides industry insight for today’s busy marketers. Co-founder Miki Agrawal was first inspired to donate a portion of Thinx’s proceeds to support women’s organizations in the developing world when she learned that millions of girls were missing school due to lack of access to menstrual supplies and the shame associated with periods. An individual can go through approximately 11,000 disposable pads and/or tampons in a lifetime and when you multiply that number by everyone with a period on this planet, that results in a substantial amount of waste. Your clients want to feel as though they’re spending their money on a brand; they can feel good about. Their website features enchanting images of kids having good clean fun—that’s good for the environment. Eco-Friendly. Fabrik created the name for its new e-navigation and compliance platform. 10 Eco-Friendly Brands We Love. Design brands are thinking about the impact they cause on our Planet Earth, and have switched certain materiais to recycled materiais, however this is not all!Discover a brand new sustainable world enlightened by these lamps with LED bulbs! With their headquarters in Goa, it is a business with a small team of 10 who pride themselves on their 100% clean sustainability in every part of the production process. When you start thinking about environmental problems and your impact, you soon realize that every tiny habit and item matters. They use eco-friendly fabrics – bamboo, cotton, wool and hemp – that are free of pesticides and chemicals and come from responsible sources that respect the environment and the health of workers. This helps to reduce waste, whilst bringing British makers back into the fashion industry. Make green practices part of your brand by only sell boards made out of recycled materials or organize a monthly beach cleanup with your team. Don’t get me wrong: I love my burgers. } Another high-profile brand, Keurig Green Mountain also realizes that its efforts to go green are still a work in progress. What’s more, Amazon regularly partners with other leading companies like P&G to help them rediscover and design more sustainable packaging and delivery strategies to serve their customers. When your clients see your willingness to offer, they’re sure to open their hearts (and wallets) to you. Publishing sustainability reports for end-to-end transparency. Many of the most eco friendly brands are also investing in new initiatives that change the way they operate on a fundamental level. Instead, you’ll be able to build an affinity with your target customer by showing that you care about the same social and environmental issues that they do. The trend is spreading to the business leaders of tomorrow too. Most shoes are made of harmful synthetic materials that cannot be recycled and every year 300 million pairs of shoes end up in landfills. YesStraws produces 100% biodegradable straws made from natural materials so you can enjoy your drink comfortably without damaging the Earth. Kate Geraghty is a lifestyle writer and senior commerce editor for The Spruce and MyDomaine. A new eco friendly era is rising, and it’s touching every nook and cranny of the world. There are tons of brands out there making a lot of eco-friendly claims, so to help narrow it down we’ve scoured the internet to find our favorite shoes that are trying to save the planet. Patagonia’s rugged design and nature focus speaks to their outdoorsy target audience, but also echoes their commitment to protecting the wilderness that acts as the focal point of their brand. Eco greetings on a good introduction of 8 eco friendly icons. We'll also send you creative tips, trends, resources and the occasional promo (which you can opt-out of anytime). Having worked for Apple in the past and having first hand knowledge of their unsustainable practices, I am very disappointed to find them on this list. Alternatively, you can also look into opportunities for using more environmentally-friendly packets in the first place! The toys are made from recycled plastic milk jugs, packaged in recycled materials, and are printed with soy ink. But because we established our donation model in the very beginning, we’re able to scale our business while prioritizing impact, all with the help of our customers who believe in our mission.” It’s ok to start small when giving back, but if you start budgeting accordingly, your donations can grow, along with the heart of your company. (This is notably very different from any other menstrual product advertising which usually shows joyous women, much too happy to be on their period, biking down country roads or frolicking on the beach. Embrace transparency and tell the story behind each material. The Beyond Meat company even teams up with other eco friendly brands like Subway and Dunkin’ Donuts to bring more of its products to consumers. Thinx has created a brand that successfully connects with their targeted audience and customers. If you’re not a beauty and bath-bomb fan, then you might not know much about Lush Cosmetics. Usually I don’t read article on blogs, but I wish to say that this write-up very forced me to try and do so! Beauty brands have cottoned-on. Native Shoes is changing the game of footwear using unique manufacturing techniques and vegan materials to lighten their carbon footprint on the world. Reformation is an LA-based eco-friendly clothing brand that be found at net-a-porter that makes sustainably sourced apparel and accessories within 100% carbon-neutral, green buildings that minimize the company’s waste, water, and energy footprints. If you can create a genuine and dedicated eco friendly brand, then the benefits are significant. However, you can’t just dial in eco friendly branding – you need to make it a part of your DNA. You’ve just got to get a little creative. if ( '16078' == event.detail.contactFormId ) { Whether you’re already a green expert or you’re just dipping your toe into eco-friendly branding, there are lessons to be learned from these eleven sustainable companies. However, one of the biggest factors contributing to climate change is the meat industry. Korean beauty brand ROVECTIN offers advanced formulas with safe ingredients. If that wasn’t enough, Patagonia also gives 1% of its sales to Earth Tax – which supports ecological organisations around the world to restore forests, take down dams, and protect endangered species. United by Blue. Additionally, they are 100% US made, which reduces greenhouse gasses, energy, and transportation. It’s time to build an affinity with a vast crowd of consumers who care more about the environment and what they’re doing to the world around them. Eco-Friendly news and opinion. February 26, 2019 4 min read. Breaking down brand architecture, How to name a product: Golden rules for next-level names. They’ve been open and honest about the areas of their business that need improvement, like using fossil fuels to produce shells for their coats, which contributes to climate change. If you're interested in starting a project together, we’d like to hear from you. When it’s part of who you are as a brand, it will infiltrate everything you do, and being green will become effortless. Rising from these changes came many eco-friendly straw alternatives, like YesStraws. Numi Tea is also the brainpower behind OSC2 (One Step Closer to an Organic Sustainable Community), a group of CEOs and business leaders from the sustainably-focused, natural products industry that are dedicated to improving sustainability across all industries. Your writing style has been surprised me. Previous / Next . 33% of consumers say that they believe brands are highly responsible for the environment. Defining your core audience, without harming the environment in any way, Beyond Meat is a company shaking up the food industry, Nordgreen watches: Get to know a leader in Scandinavian watches, Green brands: Eco friendly companies to learn from, Video killed the radio star – or did it? They are one of the ten most frequently found things on the beaches and are the cause of death to thousands of fish and animals. Top Eco-Friendly Toy Brands for the Holidays Brian Brassaw Dec 5, 2017 10 Comments With the toy recalls that seem to pop up every year, buying a gift for a little one can feel a bit overwhelming. 10 eco-friendly brands that are taking care of the planet on Earth Day — and beyond. It is a zero cost model based on UNESCO/UNEP/IEEP/1977 Environmental Education objectives. In case Greta Thunberg’s adorable scowl hasn’t convinced you to take the environmentally-friendly plunge just yet, new companies are popping up everywhere to provide easy and accessible options to use less plastic, recycled packaging, sustainable products, organic food and any number of ways to make healthy choices. They are an energy solutions company that help companies to create eco-sustainable plans and systems for their businesses. These eco-friendly companies are responsible businesses and, hopefully, we will have more of them soon. To solve the problem, Mycoskie launched a for-profit business that promised to donate a pair of shoes to communities in need every time a customer bought a pair. EESS. They’re crushing the competition, supporting the planet, and staying true to their brand DNA along the way. If you’re already an established company, no worries! Organisations of all sizes are quickly discovering that today’s consumers want more than just the right products and services. Support our editorial work by supporting them! Finding eco-friendly makeup is getting easier as more brands enter the market. Carrie is a freelance content writer coming out of nonprofit communications. With some of Pela’s products they donate a portion of the sale directly to causes they care about. It makes sense to avoid this kind of issue from the beginning. Who Gives A Crap offers a more environmentally friendly toilet paper that is “good for your bum and great for the world” as they say. It’s the one-two punch of being awesome for the environment and awesome for human health. All of their products are made of biodegradable and compostable materials and free of BPA, lead, cadmium and phthalates. Thanks, quite nice article. Where to shop for eco-friendly products and brands in Singapore. Her work has appeared in All You Magazine, Girls' Life, and What To Expect. Now, we’re starting to see just how wrong we were. If you are truly dedicated to going green with your company, consider all the products and materials you use to do business – where do you source your office supplies, where does the food you serve come from, what is the clothing you sell made of? While we’re not trying to force you to go vegan or vegetarian in this post, it’s worth drawing attention to the impact a company can have when it offers customers an appealing alternative to their current lifestyle. A sophisticated logo mark and visual identity to represent a bold new venture bringing overseas retailers to the UK high street. Patagonia’s corporate philosophy is “100% For the Planet,” but they’re not perfect. There are many stages in the production of clothing and accessories and these brands focus on one or more of them. And because those folks typically also very eco-conscious, Patagonia’s corporate philosophy is all about going green. It’s Earth Month! Look at Numi Organic Tea for instance. I saw a documentary the other day – Our Planet: Our Business on WWF and it made me think (I recommend you to watch this video). Articles and whitepapers that showcase your efforts are a powerful way to give some credibility to your claims. Their super-absorbent fabric is tailor-made to serve light, medium, or heavy flows.  The Eco-Friendly Brands Our Editors Really Love Good for the earth and great for your home. If you’re a business owner and you want to dip your toes into green branding, there is so much you can learn from these eco-friendly companies. The company offers consumers a chance to give something back whenever they make a purchase, and that’s something that appeals to the socially-conscious community of the day.

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